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The Haven OnlineIn these unsettling times, we have choice as to how we respond. 
We have opportunities to get creative about how we can stay connected and chances to slow down, breathe consciously, and pause for reflection. 

Physical distancing does not have to mean isolation. Now more than ever we need to open our hearts and minds to ourselves, one another, and our planet. A closed campus does not have to mean a disruption to healing, growth, and transformation. We want to continue to be a resource for personal growth and development in a new and exciting way.  

We're providing a host of resources and offerings to help bring us together (virtually!). We hope you'll join us in whatever way best serves you:

Online Check-in Groups

"I have been struggling with lots of anxiety and being part of a Haven group was like coming home. I had such a good sleep that night." - Brenda, Online Check-ins

These are not Haven programs, but are an opportunity to be with others who value open and honest communication and connection. If you're Haven Alumni, you're likely to see familiar faces and reconnect with other participants, faculty, assistants, and interns. If you're new to The Haven, we welcome you to our community and encourage you to learn more about our models and concepts online and through others who have been to our campus. These weekly calls are an opportunity to meet and check-in with others. We'll begin as a large group and split into small groups (just like in Haven programs!) with the calls lasting 90 minutes in total. Our intention has been to review and evolve along the way and we've learned that many of our Alumni wanted the opportunity to invite family and friends. Despite an abundance of Zoom calls out there, we continue to hear that our check-ins are offering something valuable and unique. 

Creating a safe container where people can be vulnerable is important to us. All attendees will be reminded to keep the content of the calls confidential. We will continue to gather as a large group before splitting into smaller groups with a mix of alumni and newcomers. 

Registration for Friends & Family:

If you've never been to a program at The Haven, please register for one of these dates using these links: 

Registration for Haven Alumni:

If you're an Alumni member, please use the links below to register. We hope you'll share the above Friends & Family links with anyone who you think can benefit from these opportunities! 

"I find these sessions so valuable right now. Like everyone, I'm finding it hard to be isolating." - Lesley, Online Check-ins


Online Workshops & Programs

ONLINE: Giving Voice with Leah Hokanson 

Friday-Sunday, June 5-7th - limited group size

Giving Voice Online combines a variety of group vocal sounding meditations, games and exercises, with individual off-line vocal sounding explorations and reflections. Together we will delve into the wonders of what it means to have a voice—as a vehicle for self-expression; as a vibrational healing medium; as a timeless, universal avenue of belonging; and as a meditative portal to deeper presence and awareness.

Giving Voice offers opportunities to:

  • Play with and learn about your voice.
  • Explore your voice as a vehicle for healing and transformation.
  • Express your voice more fully (i.e. let it out)
  • Explore your voice as a portal to deeper self awareness and self acceptance.
  • Share your vocal story, and connect with others in new and profound ways.
  • Continue your learning with take-home resources.

There are many other benefits of making sound, like reduced stress and enhanced health and wellness. You can learn more about the healing effects here.



ONLINE: The Beauty of Conflict for Couples with CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke

Sunday, June 14th: 10am-12pm, 2-4pm PT

Do any of these statements feel true for you?

  • “We’ve got a few recurring arguments that we can’t ever seem to resolve, like who does the chores, parenting the kids, or how we spend money.”
  • “We’ve been stuck together for two months straight and I love her, and she’s driving me nuts.”
  • “There are topics that we just can’t and don’t talk about.”
  • “I’m worried about getting back to work. I’m not afraid of the flu, but my partner doesn’t want me to go out.”
  • “I feel like I’ve forgotten who I am outside of this relationship. I don’t have very many passions of my own. Everything revolves around us, our life, our home.”
  • “I usually just go along with whatever my partner wants because it’s just easier that way. I don’t want to rock the boat.”

If you can relate to any one of these, this program may be a perfect opportunity to explore your patterns and beliefs around conflict and rediscover intimacy and possibility in your relationship.

This program is ideal for:

  • Seasoned couples who are tired of fighting so much, including couples experiencing the ‘quieter’ type of conflict, like boredom, apathy or a loss of sexual desire
  • New couples who want to start their relationship on a strong foundation and avoid unnecessary stress and friction in the future
  • Couples dealing with big challenges (infidelity, money struggles) and life’s smaller challenges too.

Conflict doesn’t have to be a deal breaker or painful.



ONLINE: Communication Basics with Jane Kilthei & Cathy McNally

Saturday, June 20th: 12-3pm PT - pay-what-you-can

Do you live alone and suddenly need to use new technology to communicate across distance? Are you finding you’re a little too “up close and personal” with your partner, kids or housemates? Is there an edge creeping into your voice? Do you imagine you hear that edge in others? 

This 3-hour interactive online program,“Communication Basics – connecting in tough times”, is a great introduction to working with The Haven's Communication Model. It’s also a good refresher for those who’ve learned the Model in other Haven programs and want to apply it to what you are facing today. 

You’ll be invited to connect with others, practice your skills in pairs and trios, and consider how you want to take what you learn back into your lives. If you're attending this workshop with someone else, you'll be invited to let us know during registration - there may be opportunities to practice or dialogue with specific people.  

This program is especially for you if you want to...

  • share more clearly what is really up for you in these challenging times,
  • communicate more directly and improve your relationships with friends, family, loved ones, or work colleagues,
  • discover ways to stay more present in difficult conversations, conflict and other challenging situations,
  • expand your self-awareness, think more clearly and communicate with more empathy and clarity, and
  • slow down, get curious and be a better listener.



ONLINE: A Process-Oriented Approach to Conflict Facilitation with David Hatfield

Friday-Sunday, June 26-28th - tiered pricing available

This online program is designed for leaders, managers, team coaches, group facilitators and anyone interested in building skills toward dealing with interpersonal and group conflict. In organizations and teams, conflict effectiveness is crucial to team cohesion, staff retention, innovative practice, motivation and meeting objectives. 

The theory and methodology offered in this training are from Process Oriented Psychology or “processwork.”  Processwork is an awareness-based paradigm of personal and collective change.  Over the last 40 years, processwork facilitators have been invited to share these methods in many of the more conflict-intense parts of the world.  This training introduces processwork methods using theory presentation, experiential learning and practice.  Using handouts, case studies, and personal experiences, we’ll apply processwork methods to our own contexts, integrate them with our individual personalities, in building our capacity to facilitate interpersonal conflicts and tensions.

Learning Goals and Outcomes:

  • Discovering how to remain present and facilitative in conflict.
  • Responding to direct and indirect accusations/criticisms.
  • Working with the foundational presence of power, rank and diversity issues.
  • Using framing as a potent tool for unfolding conflict and heightening awareness. 
  • Learning why and when to bring in personal feelings and experiences.
  • Exploring Deep Democracy practice: including and valuing all points of view.
  • Access to ongoing community of practice: regular practice group sessions for skill building together.


Free Online Resources




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