Living Alive: Immersion Programs

Living Alive: Self Awareness Oct 6-31, 2024 with Jo-Ann Kevala and Carole Ames

Living Alive: Meaningful Connections November 10-December 5, 2024 with Gillian Enright and Cathy McNally

The Living Alive programs offer the unique experience of time, space, and guidance to help you (re)discover who you truly are. For 25 days, you’ll have the opportunity to create and establish new or different patterns for conscious living.  In Living Alive: Self Awareness the focus is on becoming aware of your individual patterns of behaviour and energy. In Living Alive: Meaningful Connections the focus is on how you see yourself, how other people see you, and how you engage relationally.

In a highly experiential and choice-based environment, you’ll immerse yourself in The Haven’s models and concepts, with opportunities to go deeper, practice, and expand your range of being. Participants are encouraged to question their assumptions, explore their beliefs, and challenge their patterns in a respectful way.

Join a community of seekers and engage in the ultimate experience of self-discovery and transformation.

Did you know? If you’ve taken any Come Alive program since 2018, you’re eligible for $1000 off the Living Alive programs happening this fall! If you’d like to use the offer, please let the Registrar know during your registration process!

Living Alive Program Highlights:

  • An in-depth opportunity to engage more consciously and fully in your life and relationships.
  • Time away to reconnect with yourself and nature on The Haven’s beautiful 7-acre oceanfront property.
  • An opportunity to take your personal growth and Haven-style learning to the next level
  • For those who have attended a Come Alive, we will take a deeper dive into The Haven’s models: Communication, Power & Strength, Resonance, Selves.
  • For those who have not attended a Come Alive there will be plenty of opportunities to learn, practice and integrate these models.
  • Guided experiences designed to heighten your physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual awareness.
  • A meaningful and enduring investment in your wellbeing: 25 days of radical self-discovery and transformation.
  • Experienced program leaders, who are highly trained at The Haven and in their various professions.
  • Deep investment, continuity, and care from assistants and interns who bring a variety of diverse and complementary skill sets to their Haven training. This support team means a low ratio of participants to leaders.
  • A long history with hundreds of Living Alive participants reporting continued personal and professional transformation post-program.
  • Take-home tools to support integration of learning.
  • A full program schedule, plus daily breaks for introspection, connecting with others, rest, relaxing in the oceanfront hot tub, exploring nearby trails, and more. You will also have two 1-day breaks.

Living Alive: Self-Awareness 

Oct 6-31, 2024 with Jo-Ann Kevala and Carole Ames

Read more about the impact of Living Alive, this is Carole Ames’s story, A Personal Crossroads.

Self-awareness: becoming aware of my unique patterns of behaviour and energy

Living Alive : Self-Awareness for you if any of the following applies:

  • I want to make more informed decisions about things that affect me, my life, and my relationships.
  • I want to discover, transform, and release energy blockages that negatively impact my health and wellbeing.
  • I am going through a personal transition and am unsure what happens next.
  • I want to better know, understand, and shift my own behaviours and patterns.
  • I want to learn how to draw on and access my inner wisdom, strength, and resources.
  • I want to practice The Communication Model and create patterns to connect more deeply and authentically with others.
  • I am curious to learn how others interpret and experience me in different contexts.
  • I want to discover and embrace the whole me – fantasies, imagination, hidden aspects and shadows too.
  • I feel stuck in ways that are destructive or no longer serve me.

“I can take responsibility for my own life despite whatever happened in the past. I can give myself permission to be powerful. I have choice.”

Jay, Living Alive I

Living Alive: Meaningful Connections

November 10-December 5, 2024 with Gillian Enright and Cathy McNally

Relationships: discovering how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how we are in relationships.

Living Alive: Meaningful Connections (formerly Phase II) is for you if any of the following applies:

  • I want to develop greater self-awareness of how I establish, maintain, and end relationships – close, casual, and professional.
  • I want to learn how others interpret and experience my style of relating.
  • I am going through a transition involving others and am unsure what happens next.
  • I want to discover how I respond to topics such as commitment, vulnerability, security, romance, power struggle, attachment styles, ‘Family of Origin’, caretaking vs caring, embodiment, conflict, sexuality.
  • I want to build relationship skills and shift patterns of dependency, jealousy, defensiveness, control, blame, placating,  etc.
  • I want to examine and explore my beliefs and biases around gender, sexuality, sensuality, and intimacy.
  • I want an opportunity to integrate someone from my personal life into my learning at The Haven. Contact the registrars to learn more about the optional 3-day Relationships component where you can invite someone to join your experience.

“I can have meaningful, alive relationships without denying or disconnecting from what is true in my mind, body, heart. I can be transparent and open about my reality, and thus open the bridge to knowing another. This is the kind of stuff my dreams are made of.”

– Rye Green, Living Alive Phase II

Living Alive FAQ:

  • Living Alive: Meaningful Connections can be taken before Living Alive: Self-Awareness. Initially, these programs (previously referred to as Phase I and Phase II) were imagined as a series. There is still a benefit to progressing through them in order, yet each is highly relevant and engaging as a standalone program.
  • Can Living Alive be your first Haven program. Many people begin with our 5-day Come Alive program and are enthusiastic to continue their learning. Others get a taste of Haven-style programming through a Toolkit, other program, or trusted referral. Some start with a 25-day deep dive. If you have any questions about which program is right for you, please contact our experienced registration team: 1.800.222.9211 x1 or

Theory & Practice of Transformations

May 17-30, 2024 Part B with Jane Olynyk and Graemme Brown – registration is only open to people who have completed Part A.

Did you attend Come Alive or Living Alive and are looking for more?  Are you interested in…

  • A deeper dive into… everything!?
  • Having belief systems challenged?
  • Developing a wider world view?
  • Thinking about how they think?
  • Building a greater capacity to hold different points of view?

Learn the theory and practice of the magic that happens in Haven’s core sessions through this hands-on experiential training program.  Theory & Practice of Transformations (Formerly known as “New Horizons” / Phase III) blends diving deeper into personal work started in Come Alive and other Living Alive programs, while learning the foundational concepts that go into Haven’s unique approach to personal growth.  It’s a training program that takes you into ancient wisdom while connecting with modern science, learning what it is to be truly human.  It is about expanding your world through challenging your beliefs, going beyond the idea of right and wrong, into a global humanistic and relational view of your own process with others.

Haven’s Approach was birthed from a multitude of forms and ideas using a wholistic frame to body, mind, emotions and spirit, while having the agility to respond to where someone’s growth leads them. In Transformations, you will take those concepts and actively work the forms with other participants to embody and learn how to create the ‘magic’ of transformation.  You will embody and expand in your own self-knowledge through your contact in this expanded role as facilitator, helper and guide.

Professional Development & Employer Sponsorship

Many employers sponsor their employees for professional and even personal development. As a registered educational facility with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB), employers are able to claim all program-related costs as a business operating expense.

If you would like to approach your employer about supporting you to attend a Living Alive immersion, you can download this letter to send them more information.