Haven Foundation Communicable Disease Prevention & Safety Protocols

The Haven cares about the safety of our employees, participants, guests, faculty, interns, and the Gabriola community at large. We stay current with WorkSafe BC (WCB), Island Health Authority (VIHA), Public Health and Health Canada requirements and guidelines to ensure we do our part to keep our communities safe and healthy.

March 14, 2022: In line with current Public Health Orders, Haven will no longer require masks to be worn in public spaces including session rooms, while those who wish to continue wearing masks, may do so. We will continue to require proof of double vaccination for program participants and leader teams. While we are easing into these new protocols, please give everyone plenty of space until you know their comfort level with closer contact.

All staff, guests and participants are required to self-monitor for symptoms of illness, and are asked to isolate from others when showing symptoms.  

We fully respect your decisions and right to privacy and do not wish our new in-person core program policy to infringe on either of these in any way. You have the option to not provide your proof of vaccination and can continue to enjoy our online programs for the time being.

Event and group bookings hosted at The Haven will follow Public Health Orders, which means masks are optional and proof of vaccination is required until April 8th.  Individual event organizers may require additional protocols if they choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the fully (double) vaccinated policy at the Haven?

We want to ensure everyone involved in our in-person programs stays healthy and safe from COVID-19 including all participants, staff, and leader teams. Being fully vaccinated minimizes the risk involved when in close contact leaders and participants have with each other, especially as we do breathing exercises in programs and aerosol droplets are shown as a way COVID-19 is spread.

Is the Haven asking everyone on property to be fully (double) vaccinated?

Everyone involved in our Haven core programs must be fully (double) vaccinated.

Can I eat meals in the dining room without a mask?

We are following current Provincial guidelines which allow people to eat together unmasked.

Will fully (double) vaccinated people have to wear a mask in indoor public areas?

No, masks are not required and are optional for indoor public spaces.

What will happen to the information I provide to the Haven?

All personal information collected by the Haven is stored securely and kept confidential as required by the B.C. Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. Only authorized Haven staff access and hold your records, including your immunization records. The sharing and transfer of information for our purposes is limited to de-identified data for the purpose of providing an aggregate count. Your immunization records will be kept from the date you provide to June 30th of the following calendar year (ie if you provide your info on August 30, 2021, we will keep your info on file until June 30, 2022) and will only be reviewed and accessed if you wish to register for another Haven program AND the Haven is still operating with this policy or an updated policy with the same intent.

When will you drop the fully vaccinated requirement?

On April 8, 2022 Provincial Health Orders no longer require proof of vaccination for gatherings and dining. While we are easing into these new guidelines we will continue to require proof of double vaccination for program participants and leader teams. We continuously monitor both provincial and federal guidelines and we will update the website when protocols change.


Procedure for Participants, Faculty/Interns/Guests:

  • If you detect COVID-like symptoms stay in your room or return immediately to your room. Do not enter the lodge or session room. 
  • From your room, phone 0 for the receptionist and advise them of your symptoms. The receptionist will immediately advise a manager.
  • Phone the Public Health line from your room at 8-1-1 to ascertain whether a COVID test is recommended/required.
  • If a test is recommended/required, contact reception and advise. The receptionist will contact the Gabriola Medical Clinic to arrange for a test. You will either proceed to the Clinic when requested in your own vehicle or the receptionist will arrange transportation for you.

The Gabriola Medical Clinic, VIHA and/or Public Health will advise of further steps. You must remain isolated from other participants and staff until a plan is devised to keep both you and others on property safe. We are committed to your well-being and no stigma or criticism will be attached to your diagnosis. Your right to privacy and confidentiality is important to us.

All staff who self-diagnose with COVID-like symptoms are required to stay home and take advantage of paid sick days while phoning the Public Health information line 8-1-1 to determine whether a COVID test is necessary/required. Staff already at work will be required to notify any manager and immediately return home.


Our management is trained to monitor the workplace, engage with staff, faculty, interns, and guests to ensure that COVID-19 policies and procedures are being followed. Any questions or concerns can be brought to Reception (onsite or email reception@haven.ca) and will be addressed by ​management in a timely manner.