Haven Foundation Communicable Disease Prevention & Safety Protocols

The Haven is concerned about the safety of our employees, participants, guests, faculty, interns, and the Gabriola community at large in this time of a global pandemic. We stay current with WorkSafe BC (WCB), Island Health Authority (VIHA), Public Health and Health Canada requirements and guidelines to ensure we do our part to keep our communities safe and healthy.

COVID-19 Update September 15, 2021

Update – September 15, 2021

On September 13, 2021, the B.C. Provincial Health Authority introduced a COVID-19 vaccine passport.  This passport is to be shown, along with government-issued identification, for entry into non-essential indoor events/restaurants/gymnasiums. 

As of September 13, 2021, people must have COVID-19 passports (or equivalent) that show they have had at least one dose of a Canadian approved COVID-19 vaccine, and as of October 24, 2021, show they have had two doses of a Canadian approved COVID-19 vaccine.  The Haven currently has a double vaccination policy in place for all of its core programming, AND THIS POLICY SHALL SUPERCEDE THE BC GOVERNMENT’S ONE VACCINATION REQUIREMENT BETWEEN SEPT 13 – OCT 23, 2021.  Haven core programs are adhering to the BC government’s policy of using a mask when inside a session room. The Haven bodyworkers are fully vaccinated and following all current BC health guidelines.

For dine-in eating at the Haven, and for on-site conferences, the provincial rules for proof of single vaccination via B.C. COVID-19 passports (or equivalent) will be in effect.  As of October 24, 2021, the provincial rules for proof of double vaccination via B.C. COVID-19 passports (or equivalent) will come into effect.  Proof of vaccination will not be required for renting Haven rooms for overnight stays, nor for taking out food, at this time.


The Vancouver Island Health Authority has confirmed with Haven that masks are required for all Inside Common Areas of Haven. From September 1 – 9, 2021, the guidelines and policies described in Haven’s August 31, 2021 COVID 19 Update remain in place.  In addition, masks will be worn in session rooms for Haven Core Programs.

As of September 10, 2021, the following policies will be put into place at Haven: 

Inside Common Areas: 

Inside Common Areas are all inside areas of Haven other than work areas, that are in common use by workers, students and participants. 

We need to ensure that all persons present on the Haven property wear masks at all times while in an inside common area. 

Haven will be providing segregated, controlled indoor spaces for Organized Gatherings and Events during the fall of 2021. These gatherings (programs) will be governed by the Public Health Order relating to Indoor Organized Gatherings and Events. The following rules will apply: 

  • No more than 50 participants, (excluding Leaders and Staff) or 50% of the room capacity may be present. 
  • The Program (Event) Leaders are designated as the Organizer(s) of the Event. 
  • Access to the room will be limited to Registered Participants and Staff 
  • Designated spaced seating will be provided for each individual participant and each Leader and Staff. 
  • The Seating will be arranged so as to use all available space in the Event Room. 
  • Participants will be directed to remain in the seat to which they are assigned 
  • In the event any person present leaves his/her seat to use washroom facilities or to perform any other task, a mask must be worn. 
  • Dancing will be prohibited 
  • Hand Sanitation supplies will be readily available throughout the room 
  • Toilet and hand washing/drying facilities will be available for each Event Room. 
  • There will be, at all times, sufficient Organizers, Leaders and Staff to ensure compliance of these rules by all Participants. 
  • The Organizers will monitor the number of Participants to ensure that the Event and Public Health Order (PHO) limits are obeyed. 
  • Haven will take steps to ensure that all Leaders (Organizers) are fully aware of the requirements of the PHO related to Inside Events. 

In addition to the requirements of the Public Health Orders, Haven has implemented rules requiring double vaccination for all Leaders, assistants, staff and participants. It is clear that these requirements are in addition to and NOT in substitution for the Public Health Orders.  Event organizers will use the guidelines above, along with Haven’s requirement for all participants and leaders of Haven Core programs to be double vaccinated against COVID-19, to determine how masks will be worn during the event.  Any questions relating to compliance with all Public Health Orders will be directed to Kevin Wong the Haven Director of Core Business.”

If you wish to attend an in-person core program, such as a Come Alive, Couples Alive or Living Alive, we ask that you provide your proof of vaccination documentation (BC or equivalent COVID-19 Immunization Record Card, or a Screen Shot or PDF of your e-health record click here to download your record) https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/managing-your-health/health-gateway and email this information to registrar@haven.ca. Please note we do not require your date of birth and you may redact/cover this information if you wish.

We have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a table to help all of us easily identify protocols to follow if you are indoors or outdoors on the Haven property or a Haven core program participant. Please see below.

Haven property, type of guestIn-person,  on the property, indoorsIn-person,  on property, outdoorsIn-person,  on property, in Haven core program 
Program participant and program leader team memberFollow BC’s communicable disease prevention plan AND follow Haven’s request for mandatory use of masks in common indoor spaces and practice social distancingFollow BC’s communicable disease prevention plan AND follow Haven’s request to practice social distancingFollow BC’s communicable disease prevention plan AND follow Haven’s request for mandatory use of masks in common indoor spaces and practice social distancing AND provide documents for proof of double COVID-19 vaccination, observing the 2 weeks post-vaccination period 
All Other Haven Guests, Visitors and StaffFollow BC’s communicable disease prevention plan AND follow Haven’s request for mandatory use of masks in common indoor spaces and practice social distancing  Follow BC’s communicable disease prevention plan AND follow Haven’s request to practice social distancingN/A

We fully respect your decisions and right to privacy and do not wish our new in-person core program policy to infringe on either of these in any way. You have the option to not provide your proof of vaccination and can continue to enjoy our online programs for the time being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the fully vaccinated policy at the Haven?

We want to ensure everyone involved in our in-person programs stays healthy and safe from COVID-19 including all participants, staff, and leader teams. Being fully vaccinated minimizes the risk involved when in close contact leaders and participants have with each other, especially as we do breathing exercises in programs and aerosol droplets are shown as a way COVID-19 is spread.

Is the Haven asking everyone on property to be fully vaccinated?

Everyone involved in our Haven core programs must be fully vaccinated. Everyone else on the property, who are not in a Haven core program, and therefore not in close contact with others, will be required to socially distance and wear masks in all indoor public areas.

Can I eat meals in the dining room without a mask?

BC’s provincial Restart plan, Step 3 guidelines allow people inside restaurants to unmask when sitting at their table eating. The guidelines are clear that stopping at other tables to visit is not acceptable. The Haven is requesting masks be worn when entering, as well as when leaving the table for any reason, including to go to the washroom.

People eating at our outdoor tables must wear a mask to enter an indoor public space such as the lodge/restaurant. They can otherwise remain unmasked.

Will fully vaccinated people have to wear a mask in indoor public areas?

Yes, masks and social distancing are required for everyone in common indoor public spaces.

What will happen to the information I provide to the Haven?

All personal information collected by the Haven is stored securely and kept confidential as required by the B.C. Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. Only authorized Haven staff access and hold your records, including your immunization records. The sharing and transfer of information for our purposes is limited to de-identified data for the purpose of providing an aggregate count. Your immunization records will be kept from the date you provide to June 30th of the following calendar year (ie if you provide your info on August 30, 2021, we will keep your info on file until June 30, 2022) and will only be reviewed and accessed if you wish to register for another Haven program AND the Haven is still operating with this policy or an updated policy with the same intent.

When will you drop the fully vaccinated requirement?

Once public health authorities determine the scientific data shows it is safe to do so, we will reconsider all our COVID – 19 related safety protocols. We continuously monitor both provincial and federal guidelines and we will update the website when protocols change.

These guidelines are effective September 1, 2021. They are evolving and subject to change as health guidelines or Haven policies change.

For more information on Haven programs, please email registrar@haven.ca. For other non-program-related questions, please email reception@haven.ca.

Last and not least, thank you for helping us keep Haven programs and indoor spaces safe for everyone. The wearing of masks and social distancing can feel challenging, so we are deeply appreciative of your help and consideration for the safety of all.


Overall Property:

  • While there are no current limits on the number of people allowed on the property at a given time, Haven will be limiting availability of rooms when programs are being run on property.
  • Dining areas: Guests will be allowed to be maskless at tables when dining, but will be requested to wear masks when leaving their table for any reason.  Once seated at a table, guests will not be allowed to move around to other tables for socializing. There will be no limts to the number of guests at a table.
  • Deck: Tables will be set up outside on the deck and on the grass.  There will be no mask or social distancing rules for outdoor dining.
  • Hot tub: maximum one person at a time unless part of the same “bubble” and by reservation only. 
  • Store: Guests will be asked to be masked and social distanced when in the store.
  • Guest Laundry room: we are currently experiencing drought conditions and are not able to offer this service.
  • Shuttle van: passengers must all be from the same “bubble”, with the maximum determined by the number of available seat belts. 

The Reps Library will remain closed at this time.

Separate session/meeting rooms:

At this time, Haven will be asking participants/guests using indoor session and meeting rooms to wear masks, and to be socially distanced at 6 feet apart, unless individuals are part of the same social “bubble”.


The following risk areas have been identified in our operations:

We have identified the following job roles, tasks and processes where workers frequently work in close proximity to one another for periods of time that are longer than 15 minutes:

  • Food preparation
  • Housekeeping
  • Front Desk
  • Maintenance
  • Session rooms

We have identified that the following are high touch surfaces that must be subject to daily cleaning protocols:

  • Point of sale terminals machines and computers
  • Doorway handles and cooler doors
  • Toilet flushing mechanisms, stall doors handles
  • Light switch plates, faucet handles, counter tops
  • Kitchen cupboards, small appliances, staff microwave

In order to reduce risk, we have created the following protocols:

  • Masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces including, but not limited to, the lodge.
  • Masks are not mandatory in outside areas 
  • Catering staff will remind guests and participants to keep 2 meters apart if not in the same social “bubble” when in the service area.
  • Whenever feasibly possible, we will open all windows and session room doors to allow fresh air into the space while limiting the use of fans.
  • We have closed our buffet and opted for plated meals. 
  • Food handlers will wear an apron to allow the server to have an extra layer between their clothes and the guest/participant.

Our staffing protocols are as follows:

  • Employees are required to declare that they will not come to work if they have had COVID-like symptoms in the 10 days prior to their shift. Should staff experience COVID-like symptoms they are required to contact Public Health at 8-1-1 and immediately self-isolate. 
  • We also require that employees refrain from coming to work if they have had close exposure to a person currently diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Anyone who is returning to our workplace after travelling outside of Canada must follow Federal Government guidelines for isolating for 14 days, while monitoring for symptoms before they can return to work at The Haven.
  • All staff must wash their hands upon arrival at work at the beginning of each shift and upon return from any breaks.
  • Visitors for deliveries and service are required to leave contact information with the front desk. Deliveries, other than kitchen deliveries, will be left in the storage area in the Housekeeping building.

Our guest protocols are as follows:

  • We have a hand sanitizing station and sign when people enter the front door to immediately clean hands before registering on the property.
  • We will collect and retain the first and last name of at least one guest in a party. A “party” is defined as people in the same cohort or “bubble”.
  • Guests will be required to wait at a distance of no less than 2 meters where queueing is required.
  • Signage is posted at the entrance of the lodge to ensure that no one with symptoms of COVD-19 or who has had contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 will enter the premises.
  • Only two passengers from different “bubbles” will be allowed in our shuttle van at any given time, each seated in different rows. If there are more than 2 people from one bubble requiring the shuttle, then they will be allowed to exceed the 2 person maximum, BUT NOBODY FROM OUTSIDE THAT BUBBLE WILL BE ALLOWED in the shuttle van for that trip.  Masks are mandatory in the van for both driver and passengers. People arriving or leaving by shuttle van will handle their own luggage. Luggage is not to be brought into the lodge. Windows will be kept open as weather permits to ensure adequate ventilation. The interior of the van will be wiped down with disinfecting wipes between trips.
  • The changing rooms for the hot tub will be closed. Guests are required to shower in their room prior to and after using the hot tub. 
  • Staff will not enter accommodation or session rooms when guests/participants are present. 
  • Only one person at a time will be allowed in reception. 


We have selected Health Canada approved methods and products to clean and disinfect surfaces for all common areas in our business. We have installed hand-washing signage in the washrooms and the lodge. 

  • Housekeeping staff will wear gloves to prevent contact with an infected individual or contaminated items. Hands will be washed immediately upon removal of gloves.
  • Disinfecting high touch surfaces, such as door handles/switch plates, POS (Point of Sale) machines, computer keyboards, telephones will be done using disinfecting peroxide or wipes. High touch surfaces will be cleaned at every opportunity throughout the day.
  • Our public washrooms are frequently cleaned. All entry/exit stall door handles, toilet seats, flush mechanisms and sinks will be cleaned regularly. Session room washrooms will be cleaned at a time determined by our Facilities Manager in collaboration with program Leaders and at a time when participants are in session and the washrooms are not in use. 
  • Reception desk and bar counters and front door handles are wiped down with approved sanitizers frequently.
  • Between guests, dining room tables and chairs will be cleaned and sanitized. Kitchen staff will remove everything from the table between guests and clean the table completely.
  • POS machines will be sanitized between guests who have used the keypad.
  • When staff switch positions, any shared equipment will be sanitized. 
  • Staff will perform regular hand washing with soap and water following the official hand-washing guidelines. Handwashing will be done:
  • Before and after breaks
  • After touching or cleaning tables/surfaces that may be contaminated
  • After sneezing, coughing, or nose blowing
  • After touching their hair or face
  • After using the washroom
  • After using shared equipment
  • Hot tub: there has been no evidence that sitting in a public hot tub is conducive to spreading the virus, however high touch surfaces will be wiped down with a disinfectant between each guest. The hot tub washroom and the area surrounding the hot tub will be cleaned twice daily.


  • All linens, including sheets, towels, shower curtains, duvets, blankets, mattress covers, and pillows are changed and laundered at a high temperature, fresh for every guest’s arrival.
  • Our vacuums have HEPA filters to capture microscopic particles including pollen, dust, bacteria and viruses.
  • While housekeeping services will not be provided during a guest’s stay, cleaning materials will be provided.
  • Linen and towel replacements can be requested by phoning reception.


  • Single direction traffic flow for entry, exit, and access to/from washroom
  • Masks are to be worn at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer station will be set up at the point of entry
  • Daily disinfectant cleaning of hard touch surfaces, such as light switches, door knobs or handles, metal/vinyl seats and arms of chairs
  • Fresh air will be provided via open windows, and appropriately positioned air flow aids. 
  • Personal belongings, including: journal, pen, coat and shoes, to be kept at person’s seat in individually tagged ‘laundry basket’ for this purpose.
  • Washrooms: 
    • Housekeeping cleaners will attend to washrooms once per day. 


  • One person per session.  Social distance protocols maintained during sessions.
  • Pre-Arrival intake form and payment arranged prior to appointment.  
  • Masks to be worn at all times.  A shield will be placed between practitioner and client.
  • Hand sanitizer station at entry and exit.
  • Disinfectant cleaning between each client.
  • Fresh air ventilation via open windows and doors.
  • Personal belongings kept in one designated area.
  • Use of props is minimized and all props provided by The Haven and cleaned between each session.


  • A sign will be posted that requires the following procedures to be complied with for store entry:
  • Mask wear is mandatory while in the store.
  • Limit of one person in the store at a time.
  • Shoppers will be asked to limit touching the inventory.
  • The store will be vacuumed daily by housekeeping staff. 
  • Reception will wipe down surfaces with the appropriate cleaning products at the end of each day.
  • Housekeeping and reception staff will also be required to wear masks while in the store to minimize the risk of droplets and aerosol transmission. 
  • Reception will monitor and ensure adherence to the above protocols and suggest changes to assist with meeting guidelines and regulations.


  • All staff will be trained in proper use of PPE and mask wearing.
  • All staff must complete COVID-19 training.  This includes the traffic flow plan for the Lodge.
  • Masks must be worn in the Reception work area if more than one receptionist or registrar is in the Reception work area at one time.
  • All staff will wash hands at the start of the shift, before and after using shared tools, any time they return to their workstation, before and after wearing gloves or removing a mask, at the end of the shift and before and after using the staff washrooms.
  • A plexiglass barrier has been installed at the reception and bar counters.
  • Masks must be worn when providing service to a guest when a 2 metre distance cannot be maintained, and is strongly recommended even when a 2 metre distance is maintained.  Serving at the bar area will require a mask by both receptionist and guest.
  • Each employee is responsible for disinfecting their workstation at the beginning and end of each shift. This includes light switches, door handles, phones, computer keyboards, printer controls, and handwashing stations.  
  • All non-reception staff must enter by the side door next to the photocopier to retrieve their mail. No staff other than receptionists and registrars are allowed in the reception/bar areas.


All staff who self-diagnose with COVID-like symptoms are required to stay home and take advantage of paid sick days while phoning the Public Health information line 8-1-1 to determine whether a COVID test is necessary/required. Staff already at work will be required to notify any manager and immediately return home.

Procedure for Faculty/Interns/Guests:

  • If you detect COVID-like symptoms stay in your room or return immediately to your room. Do not enter the lodge or session room. 
  • From your room, phone 0 for the receptionist and advise them of your symptoms. The receptionist will immediately advise a manager.
  • Phone the Public Health line from your room at 8-1-1 to ascertain whether a COVID test is recommended/required.
  • If a test is recommended/required, contact reception and advise. The receptionist will contact the Gabriola Medical Clinic to arrange for a test. You will either proceed to the Clinic when requested in your own vehicle or the receptionist will arrange transportation for you.

The Gabriola Medical Clinic, VIHA and/or Public Health will advise of further steps. You must remain isolated from other participants and staff until a plan is devised to keep both you and others on property safe. We are committed to your well-being and no stigma or criticism will be attached to your diagnosis. Your right to privacy and confidentiality is important to us.


Our management is trained to monitor the workplace, engage with staff, faculty, interns, and guests to ensure that COVID-19 policies and procedures are being followed. Any staff questions or concerns will be addressed in a timely manner. Issues that are identified that require input or advice from the Directors (Kelvin Pitcher, Maria Malmgren, Kevin Wong) or WorkSafe BC will be addressed accordingly and appropriately. 

WorkSafe BC can be contacted at 1.888.621.7233 for Health and Safety questions. To report a concern, WorkSafe BC’s confidential call line is 1.604.276.3000

When issues are brought forward by staff, faculty, interns, or our guests, and in the event of changes in the Public Health Order or WorkSafe BC recommendations, we will update this document and change the date on the cover page.