The Haven is a centre for transformative learning, located on beautiful Gabriola Island.

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The Haven offers programs in a group setting, focusing on self-responsible relational living. Our innovative approach and highly skilled faculty have inspired thousands to define and shape their lives.

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    The programs featured below are just a few of those coming up soon.

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    Oct 28 - Oct 29, 2017

    Breathe! is a wonderful opportunity to acquaint yourself with the powerful benefits of consciously breathing deeply.

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    Oct 29 - Nov 03, 2017

    Come Alive is an opportunity to revitalize your life, discover and activate your resources and realize your full potential.

    Nov 12 - Nov 16, 2017

    The Couples Alive series is for people in primary relationship who want more, and are prepared to go beyond the familiar to find it.

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    Just completed the Come Alive program this past week, and am starting to notice the little changes I'm making to steer my life in a more positive direction. The program leaders and assistants are all truly gifted in guiding the participants thru their journey of self discovery, I felt a real connection with everyone of them. To my new found friends, I love you all, I believe in your strength and know you now have the tools to accomplish what you desire. To quote the terminator... " I will be back". Thank you for helping me get my life back on track.