The Haven is a centre for transformative learning, located on beautiful Gabriola Island in British Columbia, Canada.

We offer programs in a group setting, focusing on self-responsible relational living. Our innovative approach and highly skilled faculty have inspired thousands to define and shape their lives. More ...

Haven Portraits: Stories of Transformation - a video series that offers a glimpse into the lives of people who have participated in programs and training at The Haven. They share their experiences and the impact of living what they have learned … real people, profound change.

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Jun 24 - Jun 29, 2018

Come Alive is an opportunity to revitalize your life, discover and activate your resources and realize your full potential.

Jul 05 - Jul 08, 2018

The fastest way to quiet the mind is to put your whole self into motion. This practice invites you to follow your feet and to listen to the wisdom of your body.

Jul 20 - Jul 23, 2018

The joy and good humour of self-compassion stand in contrast with the harshness of self-hate. This program explores both ends of this polarity.

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Aug 21 - Aug 26, 2018

Outdoor adventure - kayak paddling, hiking and nature adventure! 

Come Alive was a transformational experience for me. Personally, I have come to such a deep level of self-acceptance that makes me feel more loving, light, and open both towards myself and to the world around me. Compared to how I feel now, it seems that my life before was confined and constricted. As a professional (I work as a trauma-therapist), I was fascinated to see the changes in my fellow group members. The ones who did not dance during the first few days and were standing awkwardly next to the wall, became the dancing queens and kings by the last day; the ones who found it difficult even to make eye-contact in the beginning, ended up as the biggest huggers; others found their words for the first time, and talked about their story. We have all come (more) alive.
Kata Kálmán, Come Alive