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The Haven is a not-for-profit centre for transformative learning on Gabriola Island, BC. On our 7-acre oceanfront property, we offer world-renowned programming for kids, youth, and adults, and host conferences, workshops, performances, and other events.

What sets us apart from other centres and retreats is an innovative curriculum created by our co-founders, Dr. Bennet Wong and Dr. Jock McKeen. For over 35 years, thousands of participants have chosen Come Alive, Couples Alive, and Living Alive for personal and professional development. By meeting face-to-face, we offer deep healing, transformation, connection, and growth in community.

We hope you’ll join us. Our registrars are available 7 days a week to support your next steps and can be reached toll-free at 1.800.222.9211 x1 or by email at register@haven.ca.


"Doing an intensive five day "Come Alive" program was far more effective and transformative for me than seven years of therapy" 

                                                                               - Jennifer Fraser, PhD

Our Programs

Come Alive, Couples Alive and Living Alive are our most popular programs and are unique to The Haven. Since 1983, thousands of people have found deep healing, personal growth, and transformation through these experiences. You won't find experiential learning like this anywhere else...

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Jun 14 - Jun 19, 2020
Come Alive is our most popular core program and the perfect place to begin or continue your journey in personal or professional growth and transformation.
Jun 19 - Jun 23, 2020

Couples Alive is our renowned 4-day program series for couples. If you’re wanting more out of your primary relationship and are prepared to go beyond

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Sep 28 - Oct 23, 2020

We're not taking any new registrations, but we're collecting interest for when our campus reopens. Please add yourself to the WAITLIST. We're also

Nov 01 - Nov 26, 2020

The 25-day Living Alive Phase programs (I and II) are exciting opportunities to investigate who you really are and how you live your life and relationships.

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Shen blog

Come Alive was a transformational experience for me. Personally, I have come to such a deep level of self-acceptance that makes me feel more loving, light, and open both towards myself and to the world around me. Compared to how I feel now, it seems that my life before was confined and constricted. As a professional (I work as a trauma-therapist), I was fascinated to see the changes in my fellow group members. The ones who did not dance during the first few days and were standing awkwardly next to the wall, became the dancing queens and kings by the last day; the ones who found it difficult even to make eye-contact in the beginning, ended up as the biggest huggers; others found their words for the first time, and talked about their story. We have all come (more) alive.
Kata Kálmán, Come Alive