Our Board of Directors

Meet The Haven’s Board of Directors. This dedicated group of volunteers are responsible for leading the organization by providing guidance and support to the leadership team.

Are you seeking a meaningful way to give back to The Haven? Are you interested in joining this collaborative, engaged, and respectful team? We’re currently seeking new members with specific expertise to help guide our not-for-profit, charitable organization. Learn more here

Catherine Lord

Catherine Lord, is a senior strategist for global technology firms and a former co-founder of several start-ups. She holds a BSc. in Health Information Science from the University of Victoria and has served on non-profit boards in B.C. since 1992. Catherine is also Vice-Chair of the Garth Homer Society Board in Victoria, B.C. to support adults with developmental disabilities to live fulfilling lives as artists, volunteers and employees and through every stage of life. Catherine and her two sons have attended Haven programs since 2001including KITS/Youth Leadership. She served on the Haven Board from 2010-2014 and is delighted to be…

Derek LaCroix

Derek LaCroix KC, DipC and Haven Board Chair, has practiced law for many years and has been an entrepreneur and a corporate executive. He is the Executive Director of the Lawyers Assistance Program of BC. Since 1987, Derek has made personal development, spiritual growth, and working with others his life focus.

Gerry Owen

Gerry Owen practiced Labor and Family law as well as Business law in Nanaimo from 1975 until he retired in 2010. In 1991, before he ever enrolled in any courses at The Haven, Gerry attended an evening event on Relationship hosted by Ben and Jock. During that event Ben asked a question that both challenged and inspired Gerry. Ben asked “What if a couple could break up and still value everything that had been good about their relationship?” In practicing Family Law, and in acting as a certified Family Law Mediator, that question inspired Gerry to focus on ways that the…

Louise Amuir

Louise Amuir joined Haven Foundation Board in March of 2023 and is a current Haven Faculty member and a retired staff member.  As an employee from 1989-2021, she/they worked in the kitchen, conference, housekeeping, and maintenance departments, ending with 10 years as the fundraising and financial aid manager.  Louise has an excellent understanding of how to balance income and expenses both in the broad strokes of budgeting and in the minutia of finding the best deal/greatest efficiency available. She/they is grateful to the Haven for hundreds of learning opportunities and much support to change and grow in a rich environment. …

Randy Wong

Randy Wong, Vice Chair, has worked as a counsellor in a community mental health clinic for over 27 years. He has a B.Sc. in computer science and a master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Victoria. Randy’s father Ben was one of the founders of The Haven and Randy has had a long association with the organization including working maintenance, as a bartender and server when he was 19 years old, participating and interning in Haven programs in his 20s, and representing the founding family as a Member for Haven Foundation for over a decade. Randy’s daughter has been…

Reid Mckenzie

Reid Mckenzie, Secretary, Treasurer, first visited the Haven in 2013 as a Come Alive participant. This was a scary yet transformative experience for him at the time and the program helped to further the personal growth path he was on and the aspirations he had for his life. Reid is a private investor who has successfully invested in both private and public companies. Reid was asked to join the Haven board in 2021 to evaluate the present financial position and develop a path forward.

Tony Ollivier

Tony Ollivier has held global product, sales & marketing positions in the high tech industry including Xerox, Apple, Microsoft and IBM and has a background in project management. He’s also a published author through Pandamoon Publishing. Tony first came to the Haven in 1988, attended many programs and watched his two children grow up while they attended Kids in the Spotlight and became leaders in the program. He’s excited about contributing to the board of directors as the Haven reinvents itself.

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