From the Forest: A Guided Meditation Series with Linda Nicholls



Linda is a senior member of Haven core faculty and is internationally renowned for her expertise in the field of body, breath and energy work. In this new series, 'From the Forest', Linda brings us into her favourite natural environments on Gabriola Island to share her practice of conscious deep breathing. We hope you tune in to these meditations and find embodiment and presence with us. 

From the Forest Guided Meditation 1: Elder Cedar

Linda Nicholls is sitting within the beautiful Elder Cedar forest on Gabriola Island. She's right on the borders of the forest with the ocean nearby. A small stream of water, ancient stones covered with thick moss, and beautiful cedars surround her. From time to time, you may be able to hear the call of a bird or hear a sea plane going over. Whether familiar or not, we hope you can imagine yourself here.


From the Forest Guided Meditation 2: Release & Relax

This time, Linda joins us from another special spot on Gabriola in the presence wise, old boulders. Press play to see and hear from Linda before tuning in to 20 minutes of deep release and relaxation.

We hope this new series connects to you with us on Gabriola Island and brings grounding, relaxation, and presence to your day.


If you've enjoyed these recordings, we hope you'll join us on April 18th for a Breathe! Online with Linda Nicholls. Learn more and register HERE

Linda Nicholls Breathe Online at The Haven








About the Author/Narrator:

Linda Nicholls DipC, MTC, PhD is an adventuresome and masterful group facilitator, counsellor, and teacher of experiential educational programs. Linda is a Haven Elder and Core Faculty.  During The Haven’s formative years she worked extensively with founders Ben Wong and Jock McKeen.


Your soothing voice really helped relax through the process.

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