Faculty Member

Linda Nicholls

Linda Nicholls DipC is an elder, serving as a guide in transformational circle work for more than thirty-five years in North America and internationally.  She is Senior Faculty with The Haven Institute on Gabriola Island, BC, Canada. She has worked intimately with people of all ages and several cultures leading programs that focus on body, breath and energy training; conscious breathwork; shadow exploration; communication skills; sexuality; grieving; defining boundaries; conscious alternatives to depression; reviewing and renewing relationships; guiding teens and youth into their adulthood, and more.

Website: Linda Nicholls

Events with Linda Nicholls

ONSITE: Grieving: Endings, Losses and Change
April 20 - 23, 2023

Grieving: Endings, Losses and Change Grieving is a powerful capacity that is largely undeveloped, overlooked and undervalued in our culture.  In this program you learn to grieve fully and responsively. Ongoing life experiences of attachment and separation, situations of helplessness and disappointment naturally arouse grief that we tend to suppress. We experience separations, losses and endings through deaths, relationship breakups, aging, career changes, geographical moves, children growing up and leaving home, discrimination, failed dreams, interruptions in life through illness, injury or trauma.  Our personal grief is further fueled by grieving consciously or unconsciously, for our planet, our environment or the…

ONSITE: Breathe: Recalibrate
April 28 - 30, 2023

Now is the time for you to tend to your own well-being. Dedicate two delicious days heightening the naturally abundant healing intelligence of your body-mind and soul. Through a series of powerful breathing and presence-ing experiences, you can find benefit in all dimensions of your life. Learn how to create opportunities to: Cleanse Detox Fuel your inspiration Release restrictive tensions Relieve anxiety Harmonize the flow of your emotions Relax the bonds of suppression Bring your heart and brain into coherence Nourish, regulate and update your nervous system Spark buried vitality Ignite the luminosity of your spirit Elevate the frequency of…

ONSITE: Boundaries: The Vital Edge
May 11 - 14, 2023

Healthy boundaries are foundational to our well-being in all dimensions of our life – our physical, emotional, psychological, relational and our spiritual life. Undefined, blurred boundaries lie at the root of tremendous unhappiness, for ourselves, others and the world around us.  Especially in the demanding times we are currently navigating, blurred boundaries compound our confusion, stress and frustration. Clearly defined and skillfully expressed personal boundaries strengthen our capacity for living more compassionately, creatively, and with vitality in order to enjoy greater intimacy and clarity in our personal and work relationships. This program is for people who want to: Know, embrace…