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ONLINE: Discovering Your Path to Self with Satir

With Vicky Frederiksen, Christian Lapointe and Emmanuel Gaillot

February 9 - March 10, 2022
Zoom, Online
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  Leverage your internal resources and let go of systems and learning that no longer serve you.   This program series will assist you in accessing untapped personal resources for your personal and professional growth and transformation.     Are any of these statements true for you?   I want to...  Improve my communication skills.  Develop skills to uncover and make effective choices.   Move from a limited context to expanded range of resources.   Gain clarity about my identity, autonomy and boundaries. Gain deeper recognition and acceptance of my self and others.  Learn how to become more self-responsible.  Let go of ideas and learning that no longer fit my current context.  Learn more…

双语 | Bilingual 青年領導力 Youth Leadership 在關係中成長茁壯 Relational Growth

With 傑米森 Jamison Schulz-Franco and 李文淑 Wen-Shwu Lee 

February 11 - 19, 2022