Propose a new program

Thank you for your interest in presenting a program at The Haven.

The information below is intended to help you through the proposal process - please study the information below before proceeding to the full program proposal package. If, after reading this material, you believe your program will be a good fit at The Haven, please email your proposal to Morag Ruckman, Manager of Programs and Registration. View or download a PDF version of the new program proposal guidelines.

About The Haven

Before you begin please explore this website to familiarize yourself with the types of transformative educational programming we offer at The Haven. One of the best ways to learn about The Haven and our programs is to participate. Our Come Alive program is a good place to start.

As well as what we do, it is particularly important to be aware of where we are. We offer residential programs in a stunning, rural location on Gabriola Island, one of the southern Gulf Islands situated between Vancouver Island and the mainland British Columbia (Vancouver), Canada. Coming to a program here requires a certain amount of planning, travel time and cost. We expect program proposers to have a comprehensive marketing plan, as The Haven can only provide a limited amount of marketing support to new programs.

Program timetable

Our programs last a minimum of 5 sessions over three days and two nights:

  • Day 1
    • Session 1 - from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Day 2
    • Session 2 - from 9:15 am to Noon
    • Session 3 - from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
    • Session 4 - from 7:30 pm to 9.30 pm
  • Day 3
    • Session 5 - from 9:15 am to Noon
  • Additional days (optional)

For each additional day, the programs increase by 3 sessions, so a 4-day (3-night) program is 8 sessions, 5-day (4-night) program is 11 sessions, and so on.

Please note the following important information:

  • We provide meals and accommodation for up to two leaders - two leaders, or one leader and one assistant, for the duration of each program. We do not normally accept program proposals requiring more than two leaders/assistants.
  • We will often ask new leaders to make no fee offer to one member of The Haven's faculty or management team, so that we may evaluate your program. More information on this will be provided if your program is approved.
  • Proposals for the next calendar year will be accepted prior to July 1st of the current year.

Fee Structure:

Program tuition is comprised of a Haven Institute fee and a leader fee. The Haven Institute fee is set by The Haven as a fixed daily amount per participant, multiplied by the number of days of the workshop. The leader fee is set by you. The leader fee is set on a 'per participant' basis - for example, a leader sets a fee of $250 per participant and receives $2500 in total if 10 participants attend the program. The Haven Institute fee is added to your leader fee to calculate the total program tuition to be paid by the participant.

Required components of your proposal:

New program proposal guidelines

  • Brief of the idea, vision and intention for your program (maximum 500 words). What are its goals and expected outcomes, and how do you expect they will be achieved? Who are your intended audience? What topics will be addressed? (This information is for the selection process and not for publication.)
  • Resume for the leader(s), which includes details of training, education, and work history, specifically regarding the topic area that their proposed program addresses. It would also be useful to include professional references and copies of materials authored by the leader(s).
  • Leader bio:
    • Web version of 80 - 100 words, suitable for our website.
    • Print version of 50 - 80 words, suitable for our catalogue.
  • Program description:
    • Web version of 200 - 300 words, suitable for our website.
    • Print version of 80 - 100 words, suitable for our catalogue.


Please email Morag Ruckman, Manager of Programs and Registration.