Our Staff

Meet the team that contributes to your experience at The Haven - from those who help you choose your programs and welcome you upon arrival, to those that prepare your meals, clean your room, maintain the property and complete a myriad of activities behind the scenes to ensure your program is delivered smoothly and your stay is comfortable. Most of our staff have been with The Haven for many years, and continue to participate in our programs just like you.

Management Team  

Maria Malmgren, Director of Shared Services & Community Liaison is a professionally certified coach, with a BA in psychology and business. She works collaboratively with senior leaders and management teams to help create systemic, mission, vision and values-aligned, sustained organizational change and also provides personal coaching to a variety of clients. Although Maria has been aware of The Haven's work for decades, she joined The Haven Board in Sept. 2019 and was able to experience her first Come Alive in early 2020. Maria feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to The Haven's future and success. Maria is an explorer and lover of people, places, ideas, spirit, art, charcuterie boards and great second hand stores.

Christine Purfield, Director of Finance, HR, & Operations, brings a financial perspective to The Haven based on her work with non-profits and co-operatives, including a secondment to the Canadian Co-operative Association assisting local credit unions in townships outside of Cape Town in South Africa. As a professionally designated accountant she provided public accountancy services to non-profit and community organizations on Gabriola. Christine looks forward to helping The Haven reach its full financial potential. When not at work she can be found knitting, camping, or walking her dogs. Sometimes all at the same time.