Core Program Assistants

Haven core program assistants work in support of participants and interns in Haven programs such as Come Alive, the Living Alive Phase programs, and Couples Alive. All of them have trained extensively at The Haven and earned Haven diplomas. They are highly skilled and bring their diverse qualifications, backgrounds and life experience into their work.

Andrew Bing DipC values connecting with others in a heartfelt way, something he has learned from his work with people at The Haven. He first came to The Haven in 2000, received his Diploma in Counseling in 2007 and currently assists with Come Alive programs.
Betty Gene McCallum DipC brings creativity and a sense of humour to her passion for working with people. She leads a Staying Alive group in East Vancouver, assists programs in China and has worked with First Nations groups in Northern Canada. She has been involved with Haven for over 20 years.
Christina Smith DipC has cultivated her innate intuition and deep compassion in Haven programs since 2004.  She draws successfully on these qualities in her personal life and while mentoring and being in service to others. She believes in taking self-responsible risks and being her own choice maker. She considers herself privileged to witness and support participants on their journey to enhance their lives and deepen their relationships. After a successful career in the financial sector, Christina has been a strong and engaged advocate for several of her Elders in their aging and dying processes. She is also a joyful grandmother.
Elfi Dillon-Shaw RMT, DipC has worked at the Haven as senior Bodyworker since 1984. She is a BC Registered Massage Therapist, also offering Craniosacral Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang Taoist Belly massage, Reiki and other modalities. In addition to her massage work, she assists in Haven programs and teaches workshops on sexuality (including Haven core program Sexual Intelligence), body practices and stress management, frequently with her husband Gary Dillon.
Gisela Sartori MA, DipC, RCC is a passionate group facilitator and counsellor. She is known for her engaging, direct, and inspirational leadership as well as for her warmth, sensitivity, and loving way. A Registered Clinical Counsellor, she also has training in IBP, Hakomi, and Mindfulness. Gisela sees her work as guiding and accompanying people on their journey back to themselves, encouraging them to access deep inner knowledge and bring it forward into caring relationships.
Jan Pullinger MA, DipC, Dip HGF, CJEA brings her broad experience and her deep caring for people to her work at the Haven. She is a professional communicator, a certified Creative Journal Expressive Arts facilitator, and she has diplomas in counselling and group facilitation from The Haven. Jan serves on Haven’s Board of Directors, assists with core programs, and co-leads Haven’s Unplugged program, a Staying Alive program on Gabriola, and a program for women in Victoria.
Jane Kilthei DipC has a background as a midwife, activist and organizational change agent. She has a resilience-focused coaching and facilitation practice and brings an open heart and a desire to create a more compassionate world to assisting in Come Alive and Couples Alive. As well as working with the Inner Activist, she leads Dynamic Dialogue and a Staying Alive in Cowichan Bay.
Jennifer Hilton CEC, DipC, Nia® Green Belt is an empathetic coaching practitioner, facilitator and a student and teacher of the Nia Technique®. Her passion is building relationships and enabling people from all walks of life to reach their full potential. Her professional background includes developing leadership programs and transforming organizational culture. Jennifer has a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. She teaches Deep Listening with Cathy Wilder and Dynamic Dialogue with other Haven leaders.
Jo-Ann Kevala Dip HGF, BA is a results-oriented senior executive with over 25 years of progressive leadership experience in the high-tech and emerging technologies businesses. The Haven has been a catalyst in her journey to finding self-compassion, balance and a way to live a more congruent life. This has extended to include integration and application of many Haven concepts and models to her relationships, executive coaching, training and business leadership. Jo-Ann currently leads Self-Compassion with Graemme Brown and is a Leader in Training for Haven Core Programs.
Karen Stephens DipC has a keen interest in and commitment to personal growth and education. She believes in community contribution and in transforming the world by encouraging human potential, self-responsibility, empathy and loving. Karen's background includes marketing, project management, training and counselling. She has been associated with The Haven for more than 25 years.
Louise Amuir DipC is interested in creativity and expressive arts as a means to connect with self and others. As well as assisting in Haven core programs she is also a long-standing Haven staff member, managing fundraising and financial aid.
Rich Wilmer DipC has been studying and assisting with programs since coming to The Haven in 1999. During this time he has been in recovery and continues to work at integrating the 12-step process and the Haven models into his life. In co-leading Addictions: A Wider Path To Recovery, as well as in his assisting, Rich has much to offer from his personal journey and his Haven training.
Roberta Burrows DipC is a compassionate and healing facilitator who carries her three decades of Haven program mastery to Come Alive participants and the interns she mentors, seeking to aid in shifting their awareness of self and connection with others, through a wholly transformative experience.
Sue Muirhead Dip C, MEd, RCC is a lover of deep connection, the wild, windy world, and passionate, soulful creating of all kinds. In her practice as a counsellor she shares with individuals, couples, families and groups. She has been coming to The Haven since 1993, and works now as an assistant in a variety of courses. She is committed to sinking into the profound and meaningful aspects of our human existence – living fully and facing dying with awareness and curiosity.
Terri Wolfe ACC, DipC is a business professional with 20 years experience running a high-performance organization. Terri added to her portfolio of skills by choosing to focus on group dynamics, and the interaction of humans working together. In the past ten years this has resulted in a coaching designation, assisting regularly in programs at The Haven, and a growing list of clients who benefit from her unique combination of business experience and interpersonal insight. 
Vicky Frederiksen DipC, Dip HGF began as a participant at Haven in 2008, started on the intern path in 2011 and graduated in 2016 with Haven diplomas in Counselling and Group Facilitation. Vicky is currently assisting Haven core programs and loves mentoring new interns. She is adaptive and creative when working with people, and is also passionate about working with people in recovery. She has facilitated programs at a centre for eating disorders in Saskatchewan and coached and supported clients at a treatment centre for addictions on Bowen Island. She expresses herself creatively in the art of painting, and has a passion for learning both personally and professionally.