Try Something Different

This article appeared in the Learning for Life section of the Victoria Times Colonist, Feb 28.

Everyone knows the feeling of being stuck. Your life is in a rut, there’s only one way ahead, your only choice to carry on down the same path. Contrast this to the sense of freedom you may have experienced in your teens. The world is full of possibilities, where to live, what work to do, who to be with. So what happened? And how can it be different?

With each responsibility we take on, it can seem like our life path narrows. Jobs, houses, partners, children, aging parents begin to dictate the pace of our lives. Success doesn’t make much difference. The rut is more comfortable with greater wealth, but it’s no roomier.

One way to cope is distraction, which comes in a glittering array of different forms. Work, the internet, ‘things’, alcohol, drugs all serve the same function, to take your mind off the awful question: is this all there is? Out of desperation we might try to change everything – partner, family, job, house – and still the question will not go away.

So why not try something different? Programs like those offered at The Haven for the last 30 years give an opportunity to move out of the rut and discover that there is always more than one choice. Come Alive, one of the Haven’s most popular programs, offers an opportunity to do just what its name suggests: experience again the excitement of feeling alive. Each one of us has everything that we need to reach our full potential. All the resources are within us if we only give ourselves the space to experiment with new ways of doing and being. By expanding the range of our lives, we can experience greater health in mind and body and enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

There’s nothing in our way except ourselves. Someone once said: “I came to The Haven to get my answers questioned.” If you are willing to put certainties to one side for a moment, and try something different, the world may suddenly become a much bigger place, alive with possibilities.

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