The Nanaimo Intern Practice Group

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From Penny Robertshaw

The Nanaimo intern Practice Group met on Saturday, Nov 10 at Rich and Wen Shwu’s new studio in Errington. 16 interns and assistants from all over the island gathered for the day and various interns took the lead and facilitated activities. The sun streamed in the windows as people spoke their truths of the moment into this circle of amazingly curious and caring people doing what they have been called to do: support others. Many times people mentioned our mentors and friends, Ernie and Cathy McNally and we took this photo to acknowledge and support them. The day was truly heart-warming, witnessing people’s willingness to come from afar to connect and share their lives with others on this intern path.

This was the third time the practice group met and we plan to continue to gather monthly. The group next meets Dec 15 and by then 5 of the interns (who are in the photo) will have completed Phase II either as participants or interns. Our best wishes to them. Please watch the Facebook Intern page for details or contact Rich Wilmer or me. We hold a space for you. This is an open intern (and assistant) group and anyone who has signed up to intern at Haven is most welcome whether they are currently and actively pursuing certification or not. See what you can create in your life!

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