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Riding the Waves of Change

“What would it be like if we could ride the waves of change like a surfer with the skills we need to thrive?” — Bettina Rothe

I have always loved the wild ocean with its currents and unpredictable waves. Several times in my attempts to surf I have been swirled around and humbled by the big crashing waves without knowing where is up or down and when I would get my head above water again. Being amidst big life changes can feel just like that, right?

Even though how we respond to sudden changes or transitions is unique to each of us, there are some common themes: feeling ungrounded and off center, anxious, confused or spaced out and a general shakiness or numbness in our bodies. What would it be like to have specific tools and practices that help us to find ground, centre, a calm clear mind and confidence in how to navigate the changes at hand?

A few weeks ago I was on my paddle board on the open ocean as the wind surprisingly picked up which made paddling back home challenging with the growing size of the waves – and I was moving against the current! I noticed a familiar feeling of panic, lack of focus and worst case scenario thoughts. I felt wobbly on my board and was easily moved off course by the waves. Then it occurred to me… this was a practice opportunity to literally apply what I am teaching: how to ride the waves one at a time while being joyfully embodied!

I took my attention off the challenge and dropped inside my body to ground, centre and expand on my paddle board. I shifted my inner narrative from doom and gloom to curiosity and possibility. Then I began to paddle focusing on riding one wave at a time. It was still a lot of work, but I made it back home feeling like I had accomplished something big.

It is often impossible to create a change in our way of being or responding to life with our minds alone. In my work the body is our ally and our biggest resource. When we shift how we inhabit ourselves and where we focus our attention, we can much better meet the challenges life brings us. It is a daily practice to find home within and be aware of what adjustments in body, heart and mind are needed so that we can live and lead with confidence, clarity and trust.

A first step in making embodiment part of your daily practices is to be aware of the earth below you when you stand or walk (or paddleboard!) and to receive the grounding she offers thorough the soles of your feet. For me it feels great to slow down and walk mindfully, step by step through my day while maintaining this primary connection to the earth. I invite you to give it a try! 

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Bettina Rothe is passionate about bringing community together to co-create sacred space in which she invites conscious embodiment and heart centred intimacy. As a somatic coach and licensed 5Rhythms® dance teacher, she draws from a variety of healing movement arts, psychology, meditation, and shamanic practices. She has been teaching workshops internationally since 1998 and lives in Vancouver, BC. Visit Bettina’s website here

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