It Takes a Village…

“It takes a village to raise children and more importantly to raise kind, mindful, inclusive and resilient adults for the world’s future.

I’ve had a belief for a long time that I was unworthy and thought that asking for help was admitting that I was unable to manage and that I had somehow failed as a parent, more precisely, a father.

Someone once told me that I was a burden to society and it has stuck with me for a very long time. I’ve come to realize that I haven’t necessarily been asking for a hand out but rather asking for a hand up. It’s a truly humbling feeling.

This is our family’s second year participating in Kids in the Spotlight. The program would be far out of our reach if not for the scholarships my children receive. One day I hope to be able to give back in a monetary way. Until then, I will continue to share all the positive experiences that my children and I cherish from the KITS program. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the program again this year. KITS is our number one choice of a family activity for the entire year and we hope to attend in 2020.

Thank-you from the bottoms of our hearts for your generosity and support.

Warm regards,

– Daniel”

Last year, donors were part of “the village” making it possible for 11 children and 6 teens to attend programs at The Haven through Financial Aid.

Give a hand UP and help us continue to support young families like Daniel’s in 2020.

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