Looking forward to her Artist’s Residency

By Shirley Serviss, one of The Haven’s two artists’ in residence for 2012.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I’ve been mentally making lists of everything I need to pack, wondering how I’ll ever get it into the one suitcase and carryon I’m allowed on WestJet. Normally, when I go to my favourite writing retreat, I drive so space isn’t a problem. I take along half a dozen books I hope to read or use for reference, a quilt to snuggle up in, decorative items to make myself feel at home, a special mug, my own coffee grounds and filter, word games to entertain myself with in the evening, an alarm clock, snacks to sustain me between meals, my SADS light and, of course, my computer, small printer, reams of paper, stacks of research files, and drafts of several writing projects. Sometimes even my Yoga mat, imagining that I’ll exercise every morning and art supplies thinking I’ll finally take up sketching!

This doesn’t even cover clothes, shoes, boots, a coat, umbrella, toiletries and earrings. Obviously, this time, something has to go! Would anyone notice if I wore the same outfit every day for two weeks? Perhaps I can dress in layers for the flight—many layers. What is the weather forecast anyway? Something else to check.

I’m excited about meeting Sande and possibly coming up with a joint project for The Haven. Rachel has been a faithful e-mail correspondent since her first phone call to tell me I’d been selected (which I still have stored in my call-messaging system to listen to on bad days). It will be great to meet her in person.

Never having been to the Gulf Islands, this is a whole new adventure for me. I’ve also been hearing great things about The Haven over the years and look forward to checking it out for myself. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

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