Ready to Go

Ready to Go: Justin Kautz, 2016 Artist in Residence

By Justin Kautz

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go. The months since November of last year when The Haven announced I will be welcomed me as Artist in Residence this spring have flown by in a flurry of Toy Guns Dance Theatre activity. Time went by so fast, I’m already on the road! On my way out to the Island I will be visiting with some good friends in Calgary, AB and Ladysmith, BC while practicing and preparing for the gift of time on the Island that I’m on my way to.

The friends I’ve been blessed with made saying good-bye harder and easier simultaneously. One month before leaving, it finally sank in just how close leaving really was when good friends of mine ran up hugging me and exclaiming “you’re not gone yet!” When the dates crested into March, those same friends looked at me sideways asking “why are you still here??” From dancing, to walks, to basketball games and shows, every night of good-byes and well wishes was cherished and capped with “oh, it will go by faster than the blink of an eye.” 

Looking ahead, every day is filled with anticipation. Anticipation of the green! Anticipation of the community! Anticipation of discovery,  refinement and heart-felt moments. Thank you Haven and Gabriola Arts Council! I’m on my way! 

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