Week 23: Personality Quirks

Xanon Jensen writes: this photo was taken in 1985 or ’86. The occasion was my friend Jack’s birthday. So I made him a present to honour one of his endearing little personality quirks. Father Jack loved to peer into the little vignettes played out in other people’s lives especially people that he cared for and was interested in. Hell, it didn’t even matter if they knew he was doing so, as long as it had that edge of secrecy … the tinge of naughtiness … the thrilling possibility of being caught out, of embarrassment and being bad. He was so cute in the pleasure he got from doing this, that we all, (I especially) took great delight in teasing him … leading him on … opening doors just a crack and then closing them. He was so easy and provided us many opportunities for great laughter and merriment … ending in fine feelings of camaraderie and closeness. So … I gifted him with his very own wall and knothole/peephole to hide behind and spy on us! Although, as you can see … it works both ways … I got to see into him! T’was an honour, my friend … thanks for the memories.

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