Susan Clarke on Living Alive Phase I

Susan Clarke and Carole Ames are leading the next Living Alive Phase I, July 7 – August 1

When I came to The Haven I was facing a health crisis and Come Alive woke me up and turned my world around. I loved the aliveness I got in touch with; however, I really had no idea how to sustain what I had learned. The Living Alive Phase program provided the next step towards truly living fully. Being able to spend an extended period of time getting to know myself better through breathing and connecting to my body and even more importantly to others I quickly discovered all the patterns I had learned ‘surviving’ over the years. The patterns came from dealing with a history of trauma and then cancer.

I got that these patterns kept me alive, but now that I was healthy and an adult, they were getting in the way of my relating and creating intimacy. At times the Phase was painful and challenging, but there were others along the same journey and through the tears there were laughs and amazing moments of connection. By the end of the month I had a much firmer grasp on how to live fully day to day and was committed to the new principles and values that had bought me back to health.

Since my first Phase over 25 years ago I have completed my Diploma in Counseling, got a Masters in Family Systems, and, with my life partner and best friend CrisMarie Campbell, started Thrive!, a consulting company that helps leaders become more congruent and balanced in their lives. I am thriving in Whitefish, Montana and still enjoy returning to The Haven to lead Come Alives and the Living Alive Phase with Carole Ames.

Leading the Phase program I get the opportunity to be there for others along their amazing journeys of discovering themselves. I am honored sharing such a deeply personal and transformational process with people from all walks of life and think it is one of the best investments of time and money I can make.

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