Week 45: The Pool Table 1984

In the Lodge, Winter 1984. This area was known at the time as the Satir Lounge.

From Heartwood (the Shen’s predecessor), Winter 1983 or ’84:

“Throughout the past year, many participants have expressed their annoyance over the noisy, hectic hubbub in the Satir Lounge with its television set and pool table. It did strike us as somewhat ungracious to be met at the front entrance by a pool table, especially when it was surrounded by a gang of pool cues aimed at stomach level. With that in mind, the Gomori Room behind the dining room was restructured to be able to accept the pool table and a television set, and the move became imminent.”

Interesting to note that neither the Satir room nor the Gomori room is the same place as it was 30 years ago!

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