Getting Unstuck: The Alchemy of Humour Waiting List

With Carole Ames

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Humour, laughter and play.  These are some of the earliest forms of self-expression seen in children. They are strong indicators of the innate human ability to process, express and connect.  Adults have often forgotten, or never learned, the ease, effectiveness and pleasure of humour.  Additionally, humour is an amazing path to acknowledging and releasing the places in our lives where we get stuck. Alchemy /’al-ki-mi/   Power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. Getting Unstuck:  The Alchemy of Humour is for you if you are: Feeling stuck in patterns, behaviours, insights, or mood; Interested…

ONSITE: Living Alive: Self Awareness Waiting List

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In Person at The Haven
The Living Alive programs offer the unique experience of time, space, and guidance to help you (re)discover who you truly are. For 25 days, you’ll have the opportunity to create and establish new or different patterns for conscious living. In Living Alive: Self Awareness the focus is on becoming aware of your individual patterns of behaviour and energy.  In Living Alive: Meaningful Connections the focus is on relationships - how you see yourself, how other people see you, and how you engage relationally.   In a highly experiential and choice-based environment, you’ll immerse yourself in The Haven’s models and concepts, with opportunities to go deeper, practice, and…

Boundaries: The Vital Edge Waiting List

With Linda Nicholls

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Pleasing, Proving, Performing, Perfecting are exhausting for me. For you too? Boundaries – clear, compassionate boundaries – are the key to living in the Present – Passionately, Proactively, and even Playfully! A boundary is not a "thing" – instead, defining a personal boundary is an active process that is more accurately described as "boundary-ing." This is an awkward word to say – and often even more awkward to put into practice effectively! And the rewards are well worth it. Discerning, expressing and dialoguing about personal boundaries strengthens our ability to live more compassionately, to access creativity, energy and aliveness so that we enjoy greater…

Sound, Belonging & Wholeness waiting list

With Leah Hokanson and Lynette Jackson

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The year is 2021. Our world, constrained by a pandemic, has become ever more “connected” via the internet. Yet many of us have never felt more lonely and isolated, as if we don’t belong. Quantum Theory teaches us about the unified field, that everything is connected through vibrating, pulsating energy, and yet humanity has never seemed more fragmented and polarized. What is going on? Physicist and philosopher David Bohm, in his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order, writes about “the subtle but crucial role of our general forms of thinking in sustaining fragmentation and in defeating our deepest urges toward…

Process Oriented Conflict Facilitation Waiting List

With David Hatfield

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Conflict is natural and, with proper facilitation, can bring us much closer to ourselves and each other. Interpersonal conflict is an inevitable and basic human experience, and is generally a challenging one.  It is found in our relationships, organizations, dreams and bodies.  With effective facilitation conflict can bring insights, resolutions, healing and relationship growth. The results from unaddressed conflict are predictable: decline in trust, distancing in our relationships, increased stress and poor health.  In organizations, conflict effectiveness is crucial to team cohesion, staff retention, innovative practice, motivation and meeting objectives. To move through stuck polarities we need to learn more about how to sit…

Awareness through Creative Expression Waiting List

With Louise Amuir

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The Haven
Become intimate with your creative being and meet aspects of yourself you have never known before, in a fun and respectful environment. Increasingly, science is telling us how creativity correlates with intelligence, academic, social, and emotional success, and the development of the brain’s highest information processing capacities. What role does creativity play in your life? Do you long to express yourself creatively, but don't know where to start? Do you want to experience the freedom of a mind at rest? Come join us to awaken your creativity, spirituality, and playfulness. Experience mind, body and emotional awareness through various forms of…

Self Compassion Waiting List

With Jo-Ann Kevala and Graemme Brown

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The Haven
The joy and good humour of self-compassion stand in contrast with the harshness of self-hate. This program explores both ends of this polarity. The program will benefit anyone who has tried to be the person they "should" be and, in the process, lost touch with the person within. It offers an expansion and exploration of The Haven's Selves Model that is presented in Come Alive. (But you do not have to have done Come Alive in order to take this program.) This program is for you if you: Recognize self-harming patterns in your health or relationships Have found outward success but inner…

Anger Boundaries and Safety Waiting List

With Greg Gurel

Open Dates
The Haven
The boundaried, safe and responsible expression of anger can help you stand forward on your own behalf and create the life and relationships you want. Few emotions are more feared than anger, largely because anger is so often confused with violence. A central theme of this program is that anger and violence are different. It is sadly true, of course, that anger is frequently expressed violently – physically, verbally and emotionally. However, this is the unsafe, unboundaried expression of anger, used to harm and control. The good news is that anger is a natural feeling that exists in all of…

双语 | Bilingual 青年領導力 Youth Leadership 在關係中成長茁壯 Relational Growth

With 傑米森 Jamison Schulz-Franco and 李文淑 Wen-Shwu Lee 

February 12 - 20, 2022