International Holistic Centers Gathering: Final Day, Gifts, Growth, and Gratitude

By Cathy McNally

Gifts, Growth, and Gratitude

As I look back on my week at the Centers Gathering on the Pelion Peninsula in Greece, I have a sense of much personal deepening and growth. I am also returning to Canada with a sense of significant expansion of our resource network. Christine Lines from Findhorn summarized: “By sharing all we have, each one of us has access to everything! Here is true prosperity.”

Hot tip: On the Centers Gathering website,, Christine has added a new interactive map showing all the ‘transformational centers’ around the world. I invite you to take a look and be inspired!

We closed the Gathering with a wonderful morning of harvesting the value—personal and professional—each was leaving with. Then moved into generative thinking about how to describe the group we are. The result was a felt sense of being “A Planetary Family of Transformational Centers.”

In the final group photo shown here, three key individuals coordinating the event are: sitting on the ground…Adam Reisling—logistics (Kalikalos); directly in front of…Christine Lines—website and notes (white shirt, from Findhorn); arm-in-arm with Adam’s sister…Dorota Reisling—inspiration and host (blonde hair and pink shirt, also Findhorn).

[Back row far right, wearing the blue shirt, is James Kellycreator of the Miracle Choice game, who donated a game to The Haven. More about James and this amazing game in a future post.]

On the final night I was lucky enough to get this photograph … showing (L to R) Julie Williams—my post-gathering Athens sightseeing buddy, herbalist Jock Mullenson—co-founder of Kalikalos, and Deborah Benham—my wonderful roommate for the week.

The thank yous I shared with one and all cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for the opportunity to be in Greece, and receive the gifts from each person.

And in this same context, I will be forever grateful to: Rachel, our ED, for inviting me to attend the gathering and represent The Haven when work demands prevented Dennis Marriott from being able to go; and Andrew Bing, Assistant/donor/Board Director, for donating the flights and hotels to get me there and back. Thank you both.

I am truly blessed!

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