2015 Drought

Water is always a critical issue at The Haven, and we have already recognized that 2015 is a drought year. We are taking additional steps to ensure that we have enough water to last through the summer. We have 180,000 gallons of water storage capacity, and we have started drawing on this already. In comparison to previous years, our stored water level in June is what it has been in the past in August. We have already begun trucking in water from Nanaimo and this is costly and environmentally unfriendly, so we want to only do this as much as we have to.

You can help us both before and during your stay. Here’s how.

Before you come:


  • Don’t plan to do any laundry while you are here. We have closed the guest laundry.
  • Bring your own towel for the pool and hot tub.
  • Bring your own water bottle and a jug of drinking water to refill your water bottle.
  • Bring your own travel mug for coffee and tea.

During your stay:



  • Use the lines provided at the pool, hot tub and your room to air dry towels.
  • Reuse your travel coffee/tea mug.
  • Showers use the most water, so keep them short and only when needed.

You will notice some changes we have made in addition to the water saving measures we already have in place (low flush toilets, low flow shower heads, water efficient equipment). Here’s what we are planning:



  • Shut offs will be installed on some showers.
  • Some bath tub faucets will be disabled.
  • Compostable plates and cups available at busy times to reduce dishwashing.
  • Faucets with sensors will be installed in the lodge and other high traffic areas.

DroughtMap_polygonWe hope that the rain will return before the summer and ease the problem, and that is not what is being predicted. Here’s what livingwatersmart.ca (the body which provides government’s vision for sustainable water stewardship) had to say on June 2 2015:

“Because of extremely low snowpacks in some regions and weather projections for warmer and drier than normal conditions in upcoming months, it is anticipated that some regions will likely experience significant water supply shortages in 2015. Regions most at risk for future water supply shortages include Vancouver Island, South Coast, Lower Fraser, and Southern Interior, but could include other regions as the season progresses. Communities, agriculture, and other water users are encouraged to plan for potential future shortages.”

As you can see from the map, Vancouver Island is currently at drought level 3 (Very Dry).


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