Haven Masterplan Project: Shoreline Restoration

By Rachel Davey, on behalf of the design team (Jessica Sedlock, Don Mattson, Roz Arscott).

The Landscape Management Plan  is a vital part of the overall Haven Masterplan. It was created to elucidate The Haven’s landscape management values and goals and so help guide decisions in the future. The next major Masterplan project, the restoration of The Haven’s shoreline, came directly from recommendations in the Landscape Management Plan. Thanks to the generous financial support of Scott Poole, Laurie Kelley and family, we are able to move ahead with this important work this fall.

We are excited that we have all the expertise we need for this project among The Haven staff. Jessica Sedlock joined The Haven’s garden team of Don Mattson and Roz Arscott this year. Her experience in these kinds of projects combined with Roz and Don’s experience and deeply rooted knowledge of the Haven land makes them the perfect project management team! The timing is ideal to focus some care and attention on our shoreline, and ensure it is protected and maintained for everyone to enjoy into the future.

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The main design objectives are as follows:

1) To promote plant biodiversity by directing foot traffic to well-defined pathways.

2) To create non-slip walkways that will allow Haven guests to safely walk down to the beach in the fall and winter.

3) To make the overall shoreline environment more aesthetically pleasing.

4) To re-build the fire circle to make it more user-friendly and to improve overall safety.

5) To assist in bank stabilization with the addition of native and drought tolerant plants.

We are excited to get underway and will keep The Haven community updated with progress on the project via The Haven’s Facebook page and our eNewsletter. If you don’t already receive our eNewsletter, you may sign up below.

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