Full Frontal Laughter

By Carole Ames. Carole is leading The Quantum Laugh May 25–28. Register now!

I was with Susan Clarke in the ferry line up yesterday, leaving Gabriola after a fantastic 25-day Phase I program with 20+ participants.

After all that time spent in intimate sharing, clearing and exploring with the participants and the team, I was fully in my body, relaxed and light-hearted.  And apparently ready to let go into deeper levels of spontaneity and joy.  Because the simple act of tacking a re-usable grocery bag in my car window to block the sun, and seeing it glowing green from the rays behind it, was enough for both of us to start to giggle.  Within a few seconds I was in full-body laughter and tears were streaming down my face.  

Spontaneously Susan suggested taking a picture of me and I couldn’t seem to rein myself in to “pose” in a more dignified fashion.  The result, which Susan indeed posted on Facebook, was a glimpse of me, and us, in unrestrained laughter.  While experiencing “full frontal” protests from my abs, which were getting a strenuous work-out, I was in full-on surrender, release, and JOY.  

When is the last time you laughed spontaneously and fully, or does this sound foreign to you? We are all in body-mind-spirits that are capable of humour, all the way from a gentle smile on the inside to a leg-slapping, foot-stomping “full frontal”.  Usually over the years we start to package and manage ourselves in order to attain some sort of “Ideal Self”.  This process generally results in many unexpected effects, including a more restricted, under-nourished experience of spontaneity, humour and creativity.

I designed The Quantum Laugh: Shifting with Humour over 15 years ago.  It is a 3-day laboratory in which we experiment with knowing and expressing our own unique sense of humour.  It is a path to self-awareness, joyful connection with others, and profound shifts in energetic states and perspective.  There is still space in the May 25-28 session at The Haven.  Come join, and you too may have a full frontal!

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