Addiction in The Family: Making a Difference

This September 20–23, Judi Oakes and Jim Edwards will be leading Addiction in The Family, a psycho-educational, experiential opportunity, based in the work of Virginia Satir. Here they write about this transformative program

Have you have been coping with someone’s addiction? Stuck in a cycle of bedlam and confusion? A prisoner of chaos and insane behaviour? 

Are you hoping to gain freedom from the chains of addiction that keep you and your family walking on eggshells and in old familiar patterns of dysfunction and distress?

We can help.

Addiction in the Family is a program for individuals who are struggling to make sense of a loved one’s behaviour in the context of addiction. Perhaps you have experienced the compromising of your own behaviours. You may have made many attempts to address what you see as problematic behaviour, but while  your loved one continues to make promises to change, nothing actually happens. This program is designed to support you in developing your choices and resources to discover a new way to cope. 

It’s an opportunity to explore ways you can make a difference.

Taking time to examine expectations, resentments, communication and boundaries provides an opportunity to engage in growing awareness and real change. Learning the difference between reasonable and unreasonable expectations is also part of this program, offering you increased choice about how you interact with your family member who struggles with addiction. The program emphasizes the value of connection to self and others. You will become increasingly aware of both functional and dysfunctional coping strategies that dominate in your family as you develop improved communication skills.

Both of us (Judi and Jim) are addiction counsellors with more than 35 years’ experience; we’re outstanding facilitators, and advanced practitioners of Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy. Jim is in recovery from his own substance use and the resulting destructive and chaotic behaviours. Judi grew up in a family that was impacted by addiction and gained a unique perspective from that experience. We are a passionate and dynamic team, and are delighted to be offering this opportunity.  

Come join us at the Haven for Addiction in The Family – Sept 20–23, 2018.

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