Communication Fundamentals: A Program That Keeps On Giving!!

By Cathy Wilder. Cathy is leading Communication Fundamentals with Cathy McNally, Oct. 16–19. Register online, by email (register@ or call 1 800 222 9211 ext 1.

About four years ago, I was first exposed to this program when Cathy and Ernie McNally were leading it. At that time, its overall ‘gift’ for me was slowing down and enjoying the embodied quality of connection throughout the program, as we moved through the communication process at a new depth of experience. I completed the program inspired, rested and rejuvenated.

Years later, my many learnings, which at the time I may not even have identified as learnings, have translated into significant moments – ‘choice points.’ These moments have influenced many communication situations. As I  have found myself either in or on the verge of defensive posturing or disconnection, a learning from the program has emerged, and I have been swayed to choose connection and curiosity. This in turn, has repeatedly led to rich conversations, discoveries, and, often, bouts of joyous laughter.

Now doesn’t this seem worth exploring?

Doesn’t it pique your curiosity and desire to participate?

Doesn’t it seem worth your investment of time, energy and resources?

October 16–19, 2015: Sign up and come join Cathy McNally and myself on this journey of communication.

Most recently, this summer, with my dear friend Mary Pinniger, I was so grateful for one of the many gems of learning I took away with me, embedded in my body-mind system. At a key moment, this significant learning quietly surfaced … while I was teetering on the verge of messing up a wonderful trip to the Canadian Rockies. I heard a quiet voice, a quiet reminder … WHAT REALLY MATTERS? I was so clear that our friendship was what mattered most to me – more than my need to defend or fight – that I found it within myself to connect with her. As she and I began to talk, my unfolding was quiet remarkable. I discovered something about myself that I had not seen play out in the way it did with her in that moment. My willingness to engage, coupled with her generosity of spirit led to belly laughter, fun and a fabulous ending to great trip to the Rockies. Thank you, Communication Fundamentals!!

If you want to establish or reinforce your neuro-pathways for more quality communication and connection, make the time October 16-19 to join us in  Communication Fundamentals.

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