What a Program!

By C. Jane Waters

Throughout this past winter, as stress deepened itself into my body, I prayed and felt His presence. I have physical difficulties, and I knew I had forsaken many things, including taking care of myself, for fear I would fail.

In February, I made a decision ‘for me’, and with financial help, I flew from Toronto to Vancouver Island for the month of March. I had planned to visit my son and his family, but there was much more to the trip.

As a graduate of Nanaimo Family Life Association Volunteer Counselling Program (over 10 years ago, as Jane ‘A’), I was familiar with The Haven and had, more recently, read up on some of the courses offered.

Shortly after arriving in Nanaimo, I contacted The Haven to determine the possibility of attending, in my mind, a quick-fix 2-3 day program. My ‘quick-fix attitude’ reflected my fear of overwhelming others with my life, and my financial situation.

I spoke with Rachel Davey, at The Haven, who very patiently ‘heard me’. Rachel re-focused me onto a better-suited program called Come Alive, and ultimately, kindly offered financial assistance.

I responded with tears, standing in the middle of a store, when I received the news. But I really hadn’t grasped the enormity of the gift until I arrived and participated in the program at Haven … and WHAT A PROGRAM!

Facilitators, Ian Curtin and Gillian Enright, along with intern Daniel Ruane, guided and moved our small, close group through five days of tremendously sensitive, emotional, and even hilarious, personal experiences and growth.

I was able to reach out and was held lovingly in the hearts of others, their arms supported me at my weakest, and I trusted.

In that safe place, I found my voice again and, heard, it was gently reflected back to me.
I gained an ever-growing sense of my own value. Still, I breathe … and I am happy to be me.

To each person who has generously donated to The Haven Financial Aid Program, I extend my hand with my deepest thanks, and my heart with my warmest thoughts for thinking about those of us, seeking answers, yet currently facing financial challenges. You have made such a difference in my life.

In the future, I will follow your heartfelt example.

Thank you.

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