Thanks and Farewell from John Shields

As my tenure as The Haven’s Executive Director comes to a close, I want to acknowledge and appreciate the two Boards that I have served, as well as the staff and faculty who are so dedicated to the goals and aims of this wonderful place.

When I began my contract as ED in 2007, the Board had asked me to tackle several main objectives at a critical transition point in the development of The Haven. The chief among the goals of the Board was to affect the unification of the Foundation and PD Seminars, Ben and Jock’s business that had been acquired by the Foundation with the intent of continuing the teaching work begun by the founders. With the expertise of Christine Purfield we were able to achieve that goal, which many thought impossible.

The Board gave me a mandate to raise the salaries of staff. We took the first step in 2008 to bring wages in line with the regional averages for comparable positions. This year Haven staff received a percentage lift, although there is still a need for an upward adjustment as soon as revenues permit.

The Board asked for greater transparency on the affairs of the institute and we initiated regular reporting of up to date financial circumstances as well as information about each of the staff departments. There remains a need to increase revenue, which will take the concerted effort of faculty, management and Board to achieve.

My final goal was to leave in place an efficient management to carry on The Haven’s work. I am delighted the Board has appointed Rachel Davey to be the new Executive Director and I wish Rachel and her management team well in the days to come.

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