The Quantum Laugh: Shifting with Humour

By Carole Ames

For virtually every contract, workshop or consultancy I provide, the feedback includes a recognition of my unique “value added” – my laughter, my sense of humour, my warmth. This means that in corporate settings, on the counselling “couch”, or in a personal growth circle, humour is recognized and valued.  

Hmm.  That is not part of the standard “consultant/leader/counsellor” handbook. What I now know is that humour supports and mobilizes connection, empathy, insight and creativity.

I have been leading The Quantum Laugh at The Haven since 2002.  I have witnessed uproarious laughter, valiant struggles, and even a few transformations. Come and join the club. Next session is coming soon:  June 23-26, 2016.

Here’s what some participants said about the program: 

“The … thing I found most useful about this terrific program was the challenge put forth to see how I use humour in my life along with learning how to use it as the remarkable healing force it can be. It gave me a new, unexpected tool for dissipating my anxiety and grounding myself. Thank you so much.”  Patricia Henderson

“Carole Ames has a quick wit, a warm smile, and a raucous laugh.  She is ably assisted in The Quantum Laugh by her “straight-man” and life-partner Bill.”

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