To Denise Goldbeck from Haven Foundation Board and Members

Acknowledging 25 Years of KITS at The Haven

From Haven Foundation Board, July 2012

Denise Goldbeck is a remarkable human being. She has shown incredible courage in stepping into her own life, overcoming challenges, and has made it her mission to offer this healing and growth work to others.

Denise brings years of experience through her family counseling practice, her academic research and her extraordinary dedication to create something we believe is unique in the world. Over the past 25 years, the signature “KITS” program has brought thousands of Kids into the Spotlight where they can learn, grow and see their dreams come true.

When Ben and Jock began establishing Haven Foundation in 2003, their Statement of Activities said that Haven Foundation’s programs would provide education in healthy family dynamics, self-responsible life-style and high-level wellness.

On the website today, our purpose says that ‘The Haven is a place where people of all ages can grow and fulfill their potential, while developing rewarding and respectful relationships with others.’

KITS offers all of these, and more.

Denise’s gift goes far beyond what children do in a KITS program – it is felt in the healing of a parent who has gained valuable insight during a parent session or Personal Parenting Workshop – it is felt years later by a college student that makes a decision to volunteer, study or help others based on the confidence they gained through a Youth Leadership Certificate or Diploma they received from The Haven.

It touches grandparents who watch the miracle of a child blossoming, opens up siblings to create deeper bonds, and brings continuity as our first participants are now starting to bring their own children!

To many families, KITS ‘is’ the cornerstone of their experience of The Haven; gently inviting them to courses or bodywork for themselves. It has extended the Haven Communication Model by putting it into words and actions that even the youngest little person can understand. Denise’s vision has stretched as far as a remote village in Kenya as our Youth Interns took the KITS program ‘on the road’.

The Board wishes to express our deep gratitude and admiration for what Denise has created, developed and contributed to the success of The Haven. We are also grateful for the field of study and education that Denise has brought to bear on our youth programs; culminating in her PhD candidacy in the field of Education, specializing in Adolescent Development, Moral Development and Development of Children’s Thinking.

Denise, thank you for who you are … and the difference you make.

Andrew Bing, Bryan Croeni, Catherine Lord, Cathy McNally, Dale Kelly, Darrell Chambers,  Henry Goldbeck, Wayne Dodge

From Haven Foundation Members:


Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of Kids in the Spotlight!  The overwhelming success of your program is directly related to the skillful and dynamic person you are and your ability to relate and inspire children and youth.  We, the Haven Members, have great appreciation for you Denise and we feel full as we reflect on our personal connections with you.  As you know, one of the Members’ grandchildren have been regularly attending Kids in the Spotlight and another Member is looking forward to introducing his daughter to your program next summer.  Wishing you continued success for the next quarter century of KITS!


John Gill, Dick Sass and Randy Wong

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