2016 Fundraising Results: Thank You!


Louise Amuir recently shared this appreciation and information with Haven donors. To find out more about giving back to The Haven, go to:

As we begin the new year, I am reflecting on how very fortunate I am. In my job, I get to hang out with YOU! My work is often the happy circumstance of standing with my feet in the river of gratitude. Happy 2017 to you dear Haven friends. Your ongoing generosity is one of the joys of my life.

I wanted to let you know the fundraising results of 2016 and how your generosity will affect people and the property in the coming year.






What happened in 2016?

Financial Aid

90 adults and children were able to attend Haven programs, despite financial barriers, and learn tools for communication, curiosity, connection, boundaries and how to experience themselves more fully. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the December Matching Campaign ($50,222.50) or as a monthly donor throughout the year ($28,000), In Memory of Gwen Ewan ($1930), Kristin Johnston Legacy Fund ($1000), In Memory of Alan Brown ($250), participated in the auction ($4,000), bought Holiday Granola ($1400) or had a spontaneous urge of generosity while registering for your program ($1000).

This all adds up to a 2017 Financial Aid program.Thank you for opening Haven’s doors as wide as possible!

Youth Leadership

64 Youth Leaders and Interns took part in the Youth Leadership Training program, which is growing every year. Our Youth Leaders are our future and it looks like we’ll be in good hands! Thank you for supporting this important work. Youth Leadership is funded by the Kelley-Poole family’s Mackenzie Dickson Annika Raithby Scholarship, by Andrew Bing, by Golden Thread Foundation and by several monthly and annual donors. Thank you all!


The Kelley Poole Garden produced a lot of food this past year for the kitchen to serve and got lots of help from volunteers!

Our three phase hydro project is continuing. The power is as far as the entrance. We will be building a new hydro building this spring and trenching in the autumn to bring power to our current lodge, where it will also be accessible for the new lodge in the future.

We’ve planted a Garry oak meadow and remediated an old septic field next to the Cormorant building and down to the shore.

We have completed a shoreline restoration project, rebuilt the firepit and planted some beds that will help against shoreline erosion. There is also a safe winter path down to the sea.

Thank you to generous donors who have combined their vision for the future of The Haven with ours and, through their financial support, enabled us to move ahead to bring Masterplan projects into being. (Thanks Anne Hale, Laurie Kelley and Scott Poole and family; Chriss Corbett, Shana Johnston and Dave Goossen; Al Schultz and Leona Kolla; Tom Tang Chuan Zhong and Linda Wang; and Anna Weiers)

Here’s to the future of The Haven!

We couldn’t do our great work without you, our valued partners and friends! Thank you! If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, email

Thank you all for your generosity of spirit in ensuring that The Haven continues to provide vital, relevant and accessible programming to a world that sorely needs what we have to offer. Thank you for all you do for Haven and in the world!

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