Update: Search for The Haven’s New Executive Director

We are making progress! The search for a new Executive Director of The Haven as been proceeding according to the original plan of being thorough and inclusive and also being on schedule. The past months have been very busy and intense  for the Search Committee as we attend to the many details of the process.

The Search Committee is composed of representatives from The Haven Foundation Board (Mary and Gary Holdgrafer, Dea Lloyd) the Staff (Morag Ruckman) and Faculty (Elfi Dillon-Shaw). We have proved to be a very compatible and collaborative group of individuals. We have enjoyed our times together in the midst of the serious business. Dennis, Toby and Rachel helped us make the advertising and application process as efficient as possible.

Applications began arriving shortly after the advertisement went public and continued up to the deadline of March 31 at 6:00 pm. There were more than 50 applications. The Search Committee met on several occasions to regularly vet applications. Every applicant was reviewed and discussed, referencing a checklist of important qualifications for the Haven ED.

The Search Committee completed the vetting process in early April, reducing the applicant pool to nine. We then did three follow-up telephone reference checks on each applicant. These checks were done using a questionnaire designed to capture the leadership qualities we saw as important for the Haven ED role.

Applicant packages consisting of their cover letters, resumes and the three completed reference checks were forwarded to the full Haven Board for their consideration. The Board met on April 20-21 to arrive at the difficult decision of choosing a short list of three to invite for interviews. This has now been completed. We have identified dates for interviews that will fit into the Haven schedule. They are May 12-14, May 17-19 and May 22-24.

The interview will start the afternoon of the first day and finish the morning of the third day. It will include meetings with individuals and groups responsible for key elements of the Haven operation as well with the Board of Directors. We intend for the applicants to have an understanding of the complexity of the position. We want those who will work most closely with the ED to have a good look.

The interview will also include giving a talk to members of staff, faculty, Board and invited others on the applicant’s thoughts about the leadership of The Haven. The talk will be based on what they have learned from their conversations and observations.

We want to thank everyone who has supported this process.

Gary and Mary Holdgrafer

Co-Chairs of The Haven Foundation Board of Directors

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