If I Could Recommend Only One Program, It Would Be….

By Cathy McNally.

I recently had the pleasure of a conversation with a very remarkable and courageous young mother. She was mulling on what direction to take next in her life. She is particularly focused on wanting to learn and grow, so that she can be a better parent…and she wants to be better NOW!

I found myself sharing something that I have not written about in a long time.

If I was able to recommend ONLY ONE program to someone—to GIFT ONE program to a person for the biggest impact in their life, it would be Living Alive Phase I. No kidding.

I took my own “Phase One” (as it was formerly called) in February 1990 (me at The Haven in the 90s, pictured above!). To this day, I am still reaping the benefits of the life learnings that I gained over those 25 days. Indeed, I would say the remarkable program design and commitment ensures that the path of participants is of their own choosing…and fully supported along the way.

Each person must live their way through each day—no shortcuts possible! Due to the length of the program, each person is practicing their unique lessons while still in the program … prior to their departure. ‘Unique lessons’?—yes, that is what I meant. Every human being learns in their own unique way—this is where my use of ‘unique’ comes from. For example, in my “Phase I,” after a session on boundaries, the key pieces I had picked up that day were NOT the same as my room-mate’s!

At the end of the Living Alive Phase I program, I left with the key pieces of learning that fit for me…and had practiced these some, plus got feedback from a variety of others along the way. Hugely practical, and immediately applicable when I arrived home.

So, why am I saying this now?  My conversation with the young mother reminded me that I want everyone to know about Living Alive Phase I! It changed my life for ever, for the better. And the next Living Alive Phase I starts on April 2nd. If you are even slightly wondering…I invite you to jump!

Cathy and Graemme Brown lead Living Alive 1: Self-Awareness this April. 

Cathy McNally BSc, DipC is passionate about people and possibility. Growing up in a mix of cultures, with a background in business and teams, Cathy is curious about the gift of differences, and is committed to connection and understanding. A particular joy is coaching relationships of all kinds. Following a major life change, she is exploring aliveness, loss and meaning through the adventure of movement, voice, creativity, nature, eros and community. Her trademark kindness, caring and fun make her a sought-after group leader. Associated with The Haven since 1989, Cathy believes that “living well, together” is necessary, urgent, and possible.

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