Graemme Brown

Graemme Brown DipC has been associated with The Haven since 1985. He is dedicated to compassionate and gentle inquiry,  focused on his experience with the philosophy of Virginia Satir, Jungian shadow work and Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing system. Graemme  considers his Haven faculty colleagues as another source of creative inspiration with their great diversity of styles and expertise.

A member of The Haven's core faculty, Graemme co-leads Come Alive, Living Alive Phase I, Journey to Self, Family Reconstruction and a number of other programmes on Gabriola, in China and with First-Nation communities in Northern Canada

Graemme is also an award-winning recording engineer, running his Zen Mastering studio for over twenty-five years . His love of music and the mysteries of the creative process inform much of his approach to personal development training. He lives and works on Gabriola Island.