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In our online bookstore, we offer timeless resources like The Illuminated Heart by Haven founders, Bennet Wong & Jock McKeen and others you may have heard about during Haven programs.

We have some recent recommendations to add! Check out these newer titles and re-releases by Haven Faculty.

Crazy, Cracked, Warm, and Deep

By Susan Clarke, leader of Come Alive (April 14-19, 2023) and Couples Alive (April 20-24, 2023) with CrisMarie Campbell

Crazy, Cracked, Warm, and Deep is a stirring history, tenderly told. It is also a primer on how to locate and remember the broken and separated parts in each of us, clearing the pain “so the dark spots get the needed light to live forward.” In an age of growing societal estrangement and distrust, Crazy, Cracked, Warm, and Deep lights a path for a way forward, not only to our true selves but also to our community connection.

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The Miracle Mindset: Stories of How A Change in Thinking Changes Your Life!

By Carole Ames, leader of Living Alive: Self-Awareness (May 29-June 23) and Come Alive (August 19-24) with Jo-Ann Kevala

A Course in Miracles suggests that miracles are natural. These stories are all real accounts of how the writers experienced miracles in their lives. Their stories of inspiration demonstrate how they have changed their mindset. Carole’s chapter, “The Quantum Laugh”, traces her life frankly and concisely, from her early sometimes chaotic childhood through a wild young adulthood to her early days of angst in workshops at The Haven, where she finally grasped that she could have a different experience.

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On the Verge

By David Raithby, co-creator of Teens Alive (August 19-24, 2023) with Linda Nicholls, now led by Annika Raithby & Mackenzie Dickson

David’s poetry and art finds its heart in the uncertain, awe-inspiring and highly relational nature of life.  His writing is an exploration of personal experience, and his art expresses the vivid ‘blurriness’ of his vision.  David has devoted his life to family and friends, and to his international career in personal and professional development.  He and Sandey reside in their tranquil, forested home in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

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Personal Alchemy: The Art of Satir Family Reconstruction (2022)

By Maria Gomori with support for rerelease from Toby Macklin

This book is an invaluable guide for anyone wanting to practice Satir Family Reconstruction or to integrate it into other forms of therapy or education. In addition to chapters on the theory and practice of Family Reconstruction, it contains six transcripts of sessions led by Maria Gomori, accompanied by her own commentary on the processes involved. Haven Faculty, Toby Macklin, supported the reissue of this popular book that was previously difficult to find in Canada. All proceeds go directly to the Haven.

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