6-T-Rocks: Ernie’s Financial Aid Birthday Appeal

By Ernie McNally

Ernie is asking people to donate to The Haven’s Financial Aid Program to celebrate his 60th birthday!
This June marks my 60th birthday. I am normally not one for ‘landmark’ dates, and for whatever reason this is different. I have become increasingly aware over the past few years of the preciousness of all life, and the endless opportunities to truly live that surround me every day. From this ever-rising viewpoint I give pause to reflect on the pathways I have taken, and not, and the gifts (though many didn’t seem so at the time!) I have found along the way.

I believe the greatest, and most abundant, gifts I have encountered have been with people. And I don’t think it has ever been more apparent to me than now. People who go out of their way to lend me a hand; take the time to stay in with me when I struggle; offer me heartfelt, and often tough, loving; grace me with challenge and kindness; sit in the quiet and stand in celebration with me; bless me with a word, a look, a touch, a laugh, a tear, a shake, and a safe harbour in the storm.

As I’m writing, warm, gentle tears are waiting at the corner of my eyes, and if reverent appreciation is a feeling, it is this breathing, rolling tug easing through my belly. The words that come have me asking “so what am I learning from all this?” Many lessons are occurring to me in response, and running through all of them for me is this…

I have more to give and receive than I ever thought possible. I can create lasting, rippling impact with the simplest of actions. It is my nature to care. I am never more than a few courageous leaps-of-faith away from what I want. Everyone matters, everyone makes a difference—and what I say about ‘I’ here, I believe about ‘we’.

Throughout my years of learning at The Haven, I have witnessed countless times when participants have risked opening to each other, and have discovered a quality of loving and connection deeper than they ever imagined. In the weeks, months and years that followed, I have witnessed these people transforming their lives, buoyed by their own strength and commitment to have more, be more, and give more. And I believe to my core that each time this happens we all live in a better world.

So what does all this have to do with me turning 60?

This: some of the courageous people I have been with at The Haven were able to participate, contribute and grow at a time when they did not have the funds, thanks to people like you and me who have donated to the Financial Aid Program. I have seen these people turn their appreciation for the opportunity into heartfelt commitment to dive in and go for it. I have been moved as they express their ‘thank you’ in their own words and actions. And I have been honoured to be with them as they seize the moment with a soul-driven determination to get and give everything they can.

I want as many people as possible to be able to transform their lives through their experiences at The Haven, and contribute to making our world a better, more human place through greater clarity, stronger relationships, and deeper connections. I can think of no more loving, impactful gift… one that pays forward, and forward, and forward…

So, for my 60th birthday, I am asking you to donate to ‘6-T-Rocks!’ for The Haven’s Financial Aid Program. If you are already a donor, I am asking you to consider making this additional one-time donation. You will make a difference, however much you give. I have no particular goal amount in mind, and I would like all of us to be pleased and surprised with what we create together!

As thanks, and as my gift to you, I will send each person who donates to ‘6-T-Rocks’ an mp3 of one of the Beebrothers Music Personal Songs I have co-written with my brother Steve.

So, there it is. I had been quite shy and awkward when I first thought of this, and imagined writing to you, and frankly I procrastinated while I attempted to get-it-perfect. As I began, I found I could hardly keep up with what I wanted to say! That I type with two fingers may have something to do with that, and more so, I think it is because I truly believe in what I am sharing with you, and asking for.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this, and hopefully being part of the coolest 60th birthday I’ll ever have!

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