Nonviolent Communication: A Process of Life

Join Mitch Miyagawa at The Haven April 25–May 2

By Mitch Miyagawa. Mitch is leading Nonviolent Communication (NVC): A Process of Life,  April 25 –May 2. This week-long program is designed to support the ongoing development and integration of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) consciousness, whether participants are relatively new to NVC or experienced practitioners.

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So. You like this NVC stuff.

You’ve taken a course, or read Marshall Rosenberg’s book, or looked at some videos on the web.  And you’ve tried it out.

It still feels new, hard even, but you’ve noticed some shifts.  And they’re adding up.

Maybe it’s that sense of relief you experience when you remember your beautiful needs behind your fury, when your partner says, “Oh, and is that all you did today?”

Or it’s the feeling of connection after guessing at a friend’s need for recognition, and getting an emphatic “yes”.

Or you expressed your sadness with clarity and power when your father made yet another comment about your “spoiled kids”.

Or you felt a little more acceptance for your longing for joy, and made an hour to listen to music last week.

Or you were able to tell your boss, clearly and confidently, why it was so important to you to take on a new project.


Whatever the shifts are, you’re feeling the call.

Do you recognize any of these voices?

I want to do more than just know about my feeling and needs. I want to know how to respond to them and take action.

I know I have a pattern of getting triggered around certain things. Now, I want to dig in, bring my core hurts to the light, and release them.

I want to get so fluent and natural with my empathy that it’s second nature.

I’m still having trouble figuring out my feelings and there seems to be a huge web of needs there.

I want to deepen my experience of NVC in groups, and find more and more uses for it in the way I show up in my work and in my community.

I want to explore how NVC fits with my spiritual path, how it helps me feel and be with my Source.

I just want to live and breathe NVC!  More!  Give me more!

I’m ready for more, too.

More connection with you and others.

More opportunity to really contribute to shifting your life and mine to deeper compassion.

More growth and learning with this life-giving process and orientation called NVC.

Come learn, play, and grow with me.  We’ll be joined by special guest trainers throughout the week.


Our intentions:

We intend, first of all, to model NVC, in our self-awareness, our interactions with each other, and with participants.

We intend to hold the diverse needs of the group as equally important, and tailor the content and processes we facilitate to best meet these.

We are committed to “transparent facilitation” – where we allow ourselves to be vulnerable about our own journeys with NVC and experiences in the workshop, where it serves the group’s learning and connection.


What others have said:

“Mitch is a gifted facilitator.  He’s respectful, authentic, and able to establish rapport with a range of personalities.”

“Mitch is really exceptional at ensuring everyone is heard.”

“I so appreciate Mitch’s calmness  and how he models the NVC process in all he does and in who he is as a person.”

 “Mitch has a great, welcoming presence, which created a safe, open space.  His words were authentic, and I love how he was involved in our group as both a leader and a participant.”


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