Centres Gathering Day 4

This is intended to be a daily record of the International Holistic Centres Gathering 2012 which is taking place at Finhorn in Scotland. It’s being written by me, Rachel Davey, representing The Haven at the Gathering.

This evening all of the Centres Gathering participants gathered with the Findhorn community in the Universal Hall. I was struck by the similarity between the Universal Hall and the Phoenix Auditorium. Both are very interesting shaped buildings – the Phoenix is an octagon, the Universal Hall a pentagon. Both have beautiful acoustics and a big skylight in the roof. I would love the Phoenix to have a grass roof like the Universal Hall! Most of all, in both of these beautiful spaces, I had a sense that the walls had absorbed many years of words, music and creativity. Both are sacred spaces, and it’s no coincidence that both Findhorn and The Haven have created similar gathering places.

We got the afternoon off today, and headed into Findhorn village, which was lots of fun. A blowy walk along the beach and then off to the pub to warm up and enjoy a proper scottish fish supper. I’ve included a photo to make you feel hungry! There are more photos on The Haven’s Facebook page.

It’s been another rich day of learning. I facilitated a session on Governance and Decision Making today. I wasn’t expecting to, and enjoyed the experience. Even though the various centres have all sorts of different structures, we all face so many of the same challenges. It was great to share with other centres what I have learned from the process of transition since Haven Foundation was formed in 2004. I am left with a huge amount of appreciation for Ben and Jock and the way they created The Haven and engineered their retirement in such a way that The Haven was able to continue on. It was a hard path to follow and I am sure was painful at times. And I am clear that The Haven would not have been in the successful position it is in now, if they had not made the choices they did.

Last full day tomorrow. I’m both tired and energized. If there is anything you would like to know in my last couple of blogs, let me know by leaving a comment. Good night!

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