Couples 911: A Way Forward for Couples in Conflict

By Karin Yeung Matthews.

Karin and Bob Matthews will be offering Couples 911 at The Haven September 13–15.

We know the honeymoon is over when relationships shift into power struggle. We become painfully aware of our disappointments as we find ourselves stuck in patterns of conflict and disconnection. Our once beloved partner can begin to look more like an enemy.

The Couples 911 weekend program offers an opportunity for couples to explore their patterns of conflict and disconnection. Participants can begin to understand why we move from romance into power struggle and how we experience ourselves reacting rather than responding to our partners. The program also offers tools that support deeper listening and expression in order to shift from confusion and stuckness to clarity and movement.

Bob and I are honored to be able to hold space for couples in crisis who are looking for a new way forward. We particularly enjoy working two on two with each couple during the private appointments which are included in the program. Our intention is to provide each couple with the opportunity to examine their present situation and gain clarity on what their next steps forward will be.

If you resonate with this description of power struggle in your own relationship, we hope that you’ll join us next month (Sept. 13–15)  for Couples 911. The early bird deadline for Couples 911 is Friday, August 30th, 2013.

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