What Is Your Reach in 2017?  

By Cathy McNally
Approaching the new year, I find myself thinking about the next stage of my life journey. The word I am choosing is: ‘reach’, the noun, for which there is a definition: an individual part of a progression or journey.
What will be my ‘reach’ in 2017?
Reflecting on 2016, I notice many patterns and places I have walked … as well as others that I have not visited, or deliberately avoided.
I have worked hard to uncover these awarenesses, learning first-hand about the ways to ambush myself into new ways of seeing and feeling … which ultimately can lead to new thoughts and insights. 
What are some of these clever ways? They include using both sides of my brain, being in nature, playing and being ‘silly,’ journaling, listening, feeling, laughing, dancing and moving.
I’m not yet sure what I will choose as the direction of my next reach. It may be reaching inside myself in quiet ways, or a more outer, and visible form or reach. Whatever it is, I will fold it into my guiding word for 2017 – which is something fun and effective I have been doing for over 20 years. 
My question to you is: What is your ‘reach’ for 2017?  I’d love to hear from you. Post your thoughts on the Haven Facebook page.
And, [warning shameless promo plug coming next!] if you want amazingly creative support – and fun! – in uncovering/discovering insights on the path to choosing your 2017 reach,  I invite you to join me and Jane Olynyk as we present Having a Ball!: New Year’s at The Haven December 29 to January 1. 


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