Week 29: Truth and Love

Sarah Fleury writes:

In 1988, at the tail end of 30, I turned my life upside down to get to Haven which meant, as might sound familiar to some, that life and I were on the way to being right side up. In March I arrived for Phase 1, having never been in a workshop of any sort before and, after 3 or 4 days I cashed in my meager RRSPs (I was only 30 after all) and registered for the Phase 2 and 3 directly following. I met Fiona (Eileen) Murphy during Phase 2 and, continuing on to Phase 3 together, we founded a friendship based on telling each other the truth and loving each other as we really are, that lasts to this day. This picture was taken that spring during Phase 3. That’s probably the manual in front of us, although we didn’t always get so gussied up to study, so I’m not sure what the special occasion might have been. My brother, John, the handsome guy in the middle, was working as the bartender, among other duties, and living upstairs in the lodge. Together we flourished. For me this photo reflects the joy and beauty of being in love, not with a person or a place or an idea per se, but realizing and directly experiencing, that the medium we live and breathe in, is love. That’s what I came to experience at Haven. That and the fact that the truth has and will continue to set me free.

Fiona Murphy writes

My time at Haven could be called the beginning of the great Transformation (not Reformation!!).

John Fleury writes

One very lucky guy … still!

(Image: Fiona Murphy, John Fleury, Sarah Fleury)


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