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Our current collective reality is on tilt.  Together we are facing the unknown and the demand to live with unprecedented challenges. 

How each of us is handling this could be shifting from day to day, hour to hour, minute by minute.

It may be that you are feeling fear, loss, helplessness.  Maybe depressing, maybe angry or sad.   Maybe relaxing, resting, being with nature more than ever, watching more tv and being on the internet more than ever.  You could be reading more, eating more, drinking more, doing things you’ve never done before.  Maybe you are thrilled to be having a surge of creativity, maybe nothing is coming at all.  Maybe you are busier than ever.  Possibly you have zero motivation for anything at all.  Maybe you see this as an opportunity for reinvention or you could be devastated with worry and fear.  You might be growing closer with your family or experiencing being trapped in a nightmare. 

Your challenge might be facing “being with” your self without familiar distractions.  Personally, I am asking myself, and discovering, who am I differently than ever before.  Sometimes I am having pleasant insights, sometimes excruciating recognitions.

We are being asked to hold it all, for ourselves, for others around us and for our global human and more-than-human race.  (I just read last night that there are now animals testing positive for the virus.) 

The virus kills us by attacking our lungs and making it impossible to breathe. 

Now is the time to stop taking breath for granted.  Now is the time to celebrate and feel profound gratitude for our ability to breathe.  Now is the time to become conscious of this precious life-giving ability gift and learn how to make the most of it.

When we take charge of our breath we take charge of our life. 

When we change our breathing we change our energy.

When we change our energy we change our life.

– Linda Nicholls

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