Faculty Member

瑪莉亞‧葛茉利 Maria Gomori


瑪莉亞‧葛茉利與維琴尼亞‧薩提爾一起學習和工作了20多年,自1981年以來一直是薩提爾全球網路Satir Network的主要導師。她在海文學院任教數十年,帶領《自我和家庭重建之旅》,最近她還線上指導《薩提爾進階課程》。海文出版了許多她的書,包括她的自傳《愛與自由》(繁體版)《自由的激情》(簡體版)。您可以在維基百科 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Gomori) 上閱讀更多關於瑪莉亞的生活和專業相關的信息。

Maria Gomori studied and worked with Virginia Satir for over 20 years and has been a main teacher in the Satir Network since 1981. She has taught at The Haven for decades, leading Journey to Self and more recently coaching Advanced Satir online. The Haven has published a number of her books, including her autobiography, Passion for Freedom.  You can read more about Maria’s life and career here.

『瑪莉亞的生命見證了存在主義所强調的原則:自由、真實、責任,和道德的行動者。 在平衡與勇氣中,她也接受了焦慮、孤獨和令人癱瘓的不確定性等不可避免的挑戰。 她頭腦中充满了關於人的想法、概念和新颖的觀点。』— 黃煥祥和麥基卓

“Maria’s life is a testimony to the principles addressed by existential philosophies: freedom, authenticity, responsibility, and moral agency. With balance and courage, she also accepts the inevitable challenges of angst, loneliness, and paralyzing uncertainties. Her mind is alive with ideas, concepts, and novel perspectives on human beings.” — Bennet Wong & Jock McKeen