Sexual Intelligence

Sexual Intelligence for Body, Mind and Heart: a male perspective

Sexual Intelligence for Body, Mind and Heart is a dynamic program in The Haven’s core curriculum that teaches erotic literacy for body, mind and heart.

A recent participant in the program put in quote form some of his thoughts on Sexual Intelligence, from his point of view as a heterosexual man.  Here they are: 

I thought I knew a lot about my sexuality in this world as a male, and I learnt over the course of the program that I had a depth, a yearning I never knew existed. I really learnt what it was like for me to look into my sexuality and find out what I really desired in my life sexually.

 I had been confused at times as a man about who I should be sexually, and how I should be with women. I answered those questions during Sexual Intelligence and I wish I had this opportunity earlier in my life. I have had a sadness around how I’ve been sexually in my life, and have now transformed my sadness into awareness and knowledge of how to go forward with my sexuality with my partner.

I’ve participated in a lot of programs at The Haven and have gained so much. All of the programs I’ve been in didn’t prepare me for the amount of depth and soul searching I would be doing during this program. I really landed in my body and was able to really express my male sexuality. Sexual Intelligence gave me an avenue to find out who I am sexually in a spiritual, physical, and excitingly honest way as a man. I’ve never experienced this freedom before to discover.

 As a man in my middle age I’ve found it hard to know where to go to next sexually, and how to express myself sexually. It was lonely and confusing. My libido and sexual desires were pushed aside by me not knowing how to express myself and engage with my partner. Sexual Intelligence helped me rediscover who I am now and engage with my partner with my new found awarenesses. Looking for who I am sexually was as important and as needed as any of the personal development courses I’ve ever took, and it’s changed my life.

I was scared to really look at myself sexually. I asked myself, who am I really as a man at this age, and in this world? I had fear around taking this program, about what I would discover? Maybe I’d discover something sexually I’ve been avoiding or hiding from? I can say in all honesty those fears were keeping me from coming home. Home to who I am sexually, and it’s been a long time since I connected with who I am sexually. Too long. I discovered peace and acceptance, not fear or regret. If you are feeling the need to go back to your home, your self, and nurture who you are sexually, then Sexual Intelligence should the place to start.

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