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Your Attention – For Just One Minute

Bettina Rothe is leading Body, Breath and Beat at The Haven, August 15–18. Here she offers a one-minute meditation and the opportunity to increase your awareness, aliveness, and presence.

Where is your attention?

In a typical day most of your attention might be going towards your work, your social communication, driving, cooking, etc. Unless we make the conscious effort, we rarely turn our attention inward and allow for deeper self-awareness and care. Below is a short practice – under one minute – that will help you connect to your body and direct your attention intentionally. 

  • Let’s bring attention inward for a moment, dropping your focus inside your body. Feel your feet on the ground, the breath in your belly, the rhythms, sensations and atmosphere inside.
  • Maybe emotions are here, perhaps tiredness or feelings of stress. Maybe you find your mind spinning, planning, getting distracted. Notice how this feels in your body.
  • Without having to change anything about your experience right now, see if you can, with your breath and your awareness, give space to what is present in you. Pause for a moment.

All you need to begin is your willingness to dedicate one minute to exploring your inner experience. Would you like to learn a few more practices to increase your awareness, aliveness and presence? 
In August, I will be leading Body, Breath, and Beat, a 5Rhythms® retreat, at The Haven. The 5Rhythms® movement meditation practice, founded by dancer Gabrielle Roth, teaches us to bring awareness inside our bodies, using movement and breath as anchors to stabilize our attention within. We bring ourselves back again and again into experiencing rhythm, sensations and emotions. The more we become aware of this inner dance, the deeper we drop into a state of embodiment and connection to the present moment. I hope you’ll turn your attention toward Body, Breath, and Beat and join us in an opportunity for learning, moving, and being in community,  
Click here to learn more and register.

Bettina Rothe is a facilitator of conscious movement practices and community building. Her passion is to ignite connection with self, to others and to the continuum of all life. Her work is grounded in holistic, somatic-based modalities with a strong focus on the 5Rhythms®, Gabrielle Roth’s powerful movement form, mindfulness practices, and leadership embodiment principles. Bettina is a licensed 5Rhythms® teacher who offers weekly group classes, individual sessions, workshops and retreats in North America and Europe. She creates a safe and playful environment for the exploration of creativity and personal growth.

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