Thank you from Don the Gardener

By Don Mattson

Thank you to Rachel for organizing  for the wonderful retirement luncheon. It was a great honour to see so many familiar faces of Haven family come to see Viv and me off. I am still receiving emails and letters from folks with heartwarming messages about connection we have had in the garden over the many years.

I am humbled by the generosity of the gifts from many of you, thank you so very much. It was not my long term plan to retire yet and destiny had other plans for me. I also thank The Haven for the generosity shown to me in so many ways. The Haven will always be Home to me, the place of great connection with others and with myself. 

I leave my garden with peace in my heart as Roz and Jessica bring their love of nature to the healing spaces I learned to love so much.  

I thank Rachel for the years of friendship we shared working together at The Haven and I wish you, Rachel, a very fond farewell as you leave. It has been my pleasure sharing the Haven experience and the Gabriola experience with you and your family. Best wishes on your next adventure.

Once again, THANK YOU, to everyone for all the years of friendship, loving and learning, it has been one wonderful ride …                                           

With much gratitude in my heart, Don the Gardener

PS. I am doing really well with my health problems. I am cancer free and am healing well from the final surgery where they put me back together again. 

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