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Testimonials for Sexual Intelligence for Body, Mind and Heart

Sexual Intelligence for Body, Mind and Heart is a new core program at The Haven led by Elfi Dillon Shaw. Here are some testimonials from participants at the end of the most recent program.

Taking Sexual Intelligence gave me the opportunity to practice embodying a healthier and fuller way of being a man in the world, sexually and spiritually.  It opened a beautiful door to my connection to my body, others, and this planet. Full breadth sexual exploration!!

Jay Wade

Hello. To anyone who has a desire to more deeply know about yourself and look a your’s and other’s regarding sexuality, hear me please. With an opening of heart, mind and body, you with others will be amazed at the learning this Sexual Intelligence program has available if you look with curiosity…and all of u. Fear not my friend. Thanks.

Doug M, Kelowna BC

This program offers an opportunity to explore my own sexuality in the company of others with warm and courageous hearts. I was impressed by the leadership of Elfi and Gary and the gentle presentation of so much material and information. There was never pressure to participate but only a clear invitation to follow our own comforts. It was so nice to be exploring this with others and feel at ease to be open and frank on what is so often a hidden and feared topic.I am very happy I chose to attend.

Richard Earl

Like a dying cat or a wilting flower, I entered this program with a desperate thirst for water. The sights, the sounds, the language of touch, and the sharing of heart-felt truths—combined in a safe and sacred space and offered by gifted and inspired leaders. I leave this program feeling refreshed. My faith is restored and my cup runneth over. With gratitude.


I was drawn to this program because I felt there was a missing piece in my understanding of what sexuality is. I was needing an environment where I could explore my relationship with my own sexuality. I wanted to understand and integrate sexuality more into my daily life in a conscious, respectful and loving way. I wanted to understand and explore what a deeply integrated sexuality means for me. I feel more deeply connected to an understanding. I can love my whole self. A very important piece in the program for me was locating and expressing how and where I want to be touched. I’m feeling into the power and liberation of knowing I can ask for what I really want. I am deeply grateful to Elfi, Gary, and Cathy, and to all the group participants for helping me to locate, access, and express a district in me that needed love and healing. 


This program provided a safe supportive structure for me to explore my sexuality with other kindred souls. I delighted in the various experiences of loving and being loved in so many different ways. If you are curious about fully integrating sexuality into your life, I encourage you to take this! 


This program is highly recommended not only to English speakers but international/native people as it speaks into the essentials of human beings. The leaders have in-depth experiences and knowledge about human sexuality as well as human relations. The program taught me skills that I can immediately apply in my daily personal life. Hope this program can be available soon to international participants.An opportunity to explore the challenges of sexuality—identity, approaches, and practices.


This program allowed me to let go of a belief structure that had kept me safe but confined for many years. An excellent opportunity to help me move forward—grieve the past and move on. It is so refreshing to be able to feel the full range of my feelings, without feeling guilt and anger that used to overwhelm me.


Sexual Intelligence has offered me the opportunity for just that. In a safe secure container, I was able to explore the fears and joys of my own sexual person, through the lens of my history, beliefs, curiosities, and desires. I feel open and ready to accept myself on a whole new level…one of intimacy and nurturing.

Don’t be fooled by the title of this program “Sexual Intelligence”. The structure and content of this program is meant to guide you on your own personal exploration and discovery of your Eros Self, and how you see yourself and your sexuality in the world around you. If you are truly on a journey to “self,” this program is a must do.


This program was about love and connections. Not sex. This program has helped me to understand who I am and where I fit in a world of human sexual beings There is so much more to being sexual than just intercourse.I have been able to remove much of my aversion to things “sex related” and this allowed me to discover and accept the different things I want in my life to help foster my sexuality.


This program has brought me closer to myself than I have been in all of my 46 years.  A feeling of finally arriving home.


  • To find my way through the cultural secrecy surrounding sexuality in a world inundated with impersonal sexualized objectification. 
  • To examine the conflicting, and sometimes disturbing or shameful, ideas and beliefs that create and inform my sexuality.
  • To unpack my baggage regarding my sexual history, to shine the light of mercy and grace on how I exist as a sensual, sexual, loving, open and vulnerable creative human being.
  • To demystify the act of loving erotic connection

All of these have been my experiences in Sexual Intelligence.

Kristina Campbell

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