Storytelling for Reinventing the World

Tina Boehm writes about Storytelling led by Margo McLoughlin for the first time this March.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in Storytelling for Reinventing the World this past weekend, and was soon whisked away on a carpet of music, stories and poetry guided by Margo and woven together with my fellow participants.

I was initially hooked and intrigued by the title, and was curious to meet someone who had co-led workshops with Mark Nepo, who, through his writing and poetry, has touched me in a way that no other writer has.

Margo brought with her a Hang drum and a small Tibetan singing bowl. Both instruments were employed to punctuate, and assign an ethereal quality to her lovely and melodious storytelling.

Margo has a background in teaching, story telling and Divinity and has crafted a weekend workshop of exquisite poignancy. We were invited to share our own stories using various prompts: such as place, people, significant events, and themes which have shaped our lives. Our stories are given new life in the telling and re-telling, thereby informing and influencing both the teller and the listener.

Incorporating her own gift of story telling from around the world using her soft lilting voice Margo carried us away to a gentler place and time. We were mesmerized.

I learned to appreciate and trust the alchemical process of story shaping and sharing and found great comfort and learning through telling my own story. In the telling I was invited to ask the following questions of myself : What stories do I tell? Do they serve me? How have they shaped me? How have the stories of significant people in my past shaped who I am today?

The program left me feeling so deeply connected to my own Soul and the intricate web of life that connects all of us through the power of Storytelling, catching and sharing.

The small but wonderful group, worked so well together, and I felt so privileged to have been able to spend this magical time with them. I left feeling cradled and wonderfully transformed by the shared experience and connection.

I urge everyone to treat themselves to this marvelous weekend. I am forever changed by this remarkable program and the gentle gift of story so lovingly delivered by Margo.

Thank you Margo.

Tina Boehm

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