Just do it…

By Cathy McNally

For some weeks now I have been following a personal commitment to ‘do something new’ each day. It got more personal recently. More about being true to myself. I like what is happening.

I tried something very new, taking a risk I have avoided for years. It was delightful – and I was not afraid in the moment, only before I jumped.

I had an impulse – for something I would previously have wondered and worried about for some time. I followed it immediately, no thinking. It worked well and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I have risked ‘the truth’ with colleagues, without being positional. Staying open and genuinely curious. This has led to notably creative and generative results that I am still delighting in.

I had a thought occur without any effort or struggling. It seemed simple, sensible, and wise. I followed it, did not endlessly question and check with others. It was wise. It is working. [The wisdom was: when unsettled – write, sleep, review and THEN act…or not.]

I heard sharing from a friend about a movement practice that made a huge difference for them; getting them out of their head and into their body, which process helped release their stress. I guessed immediately that this would be good for me. I tried it. It was great. I go to my first full-length class tomorrow.

I had a pang and yearning to write to someone and thank them for their impact in my life. I did so. My heart lifted and opened in the process. They replied. Even more joy. I feel full and happy.

I received an unexpected gift of song (music and words) from someone a few minutes ago. This was written for my love, who we both loved and miss. The streaks of my joyful tears are still on my face. I am blessed.

I risked putting my heart and caring into words in a very vulnerable way – and then sharing my raw, uncensored writing with the person concerned. I have not heard from them yet. Regardless I feel at peace. Complete.

Listening to my instincts and ‘being true to me’ is not necessarily easy. It is always simpler and less work than the alternative. Go figure.

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